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New International Version
He has performed mighty deeds with his arm; he has scattered those who are proud in their inmost thoughts.

King James Bible
He hath shewed strength with his arm; he hath scattered the proud in the imagination of their hearts.

Darby Bible Translation
He has wrought strength with his arm; he has scattered haughty [ones] in the thought of their heart.

World English Bible
He has shown strength with his arm. He has scattered the proud in the imagination of their hearts.

Young's Literal Translation
He did powerfully with His arm, He scattered abroad the proud in the thought of their heart,

Luke 1:51 Parallel
Clarke's Commentary on the Bible

He hath showed strength - Or, He hath gained the victory, εποιησε κρατος. The word κρατος is used for victory, by Homer, Hesiod, Sophocles, Euripides, and others.

With his arm - Grotius has well observed, that God's efficacy is represented by his finger, his great power by his hand, and his omnipotence by his arm. The plague of lice was the finger of God, Exodus 7:18. The plagues in general were wrought by his hand, Exodus 3:20, And the destruction of Pharaoh's host in the Red Sea, which was effected by the omnipotence of God, is called the act of his arm, Exodus 15:16.

He hath scattered - Διεσκορπισεν, hath scattered abroad; as a whirlwind scatters dust and chaff.

The proud - Or haughty, ὑπερηφανους; from ὑπερ above, and φαινω I show - the haughty men, who wish to be noticed in preference to all others, and feel sovereign contempt for all but themselves. These God scatters abroad - instead of being in his sight, as in their own, the most excellent of the earth, he treats them as straw, stubble, chaff, and dust.

In the imagination of their hearts - While they are forming their insolent, proud, and oppressive projects - laying their plans, and imagining that accomplishment and success are waiting at their right hand, the whirlwind of God's displeasure blows, and they and their machinations are dissipated together.

Treasury of Scripture Knowledge


Exodus 15:6,7,12,13 Your right hand, O LORD, is become glorious in power: your right hand, O LORD, has dashed in pieces the enemy...

Deuteronomy 4:34 Or has God assayed to go and take him a nation from the middle of another nation, by temptations, by signs, and by wonders, and by war...

Psalm 52:9 I will praise you for ever, because you have done it: and I will wait on your name; for it is good before your saints.

Psalm 63:5 My soul shall be satisfied as with marrow and fatness; and my mouth shall praise you with joyful lips:

Psalm 89:13 You have a mighty arm: strong is your hand, and high is your right hand.

Psalm 98:1 O sing to the LORD a new song; for he has done marvelous things: his right hand, and his holy arm, has gotten him the victory.

Psalm 118:15 The voice of rejoicing and salvation is in the tabernacles of the righteous: the right hand of the LORD does valiantly.

Isaiah 40:10 Behold, the Lord GOD will come with strong hand, and his arm shall rule for him: behold, his reward is with him...

Isaiah 51:9 Awake, awake, put on strength, O arm of the LORD; awake, as in the ancient days, in the generations of old...

Isaiah 52:10 The LORD has made bore his holy arm in the eyes of all the nations; and all the ends of the earth shall see the salvation of our God.

Isaiah 63:12 That led them by the right hand of Moses with his glorious arm, dividing the water before them, to make himself an everlasting name?

Revelation 18:8 Therefore shall her plagues come in one day, death, and mourning, and famine; and she shall be utterly burned with fire...

he hath scattered.

Exodus 15:9-11 The enemy said, I will pursue, I will overtake, I will divide the spoil; my lust shall be satisfied on them; I will draw my sword...

Exodus 18:11 Now I know that the LORD is greater than all gods: for in the thing wherein they dealt proudly he was above them.

1 Samuel 2:3,4,9,10 Talk no more so exceeding proudly; let not arrogance come out of your mouth: for the LORD is a God of knowledge...

Job 40:9-12 Have you an arm like God? or can you thunder with a voice like him...

Psalm 2:1-6 Why do the heathen rage, and the people imagine a vain thing...

Psalm 33:10 The LORD brings the counsel of the heathen to nothing: he makes the devices of the people of none effect.

Psalm 89:10 You have broken Rahab in pieces, as one that is slain; you have scattered your enemies with your strong arm.

Isaiah 10:12-19 Why it shall come to pass, that when the Lord has performed his whole work on mount Zion and on Jerusalem...

Jeremiah 48:29,30 We have heard the pride of Moab, (he is exceeding proud) his loftiness, and his arrogance, and his pride...

Daniel 4:37 Now I Nebuchadnezzar praise and extol and honor the King of heaven, all whose works are truth, and his ways judgment...

Daniel 5:25 And this is the writing that was written, MENE, MENE, TEKEL, UPHARSIN.


1 Peter 5:5 Likewise, you younger, submit yourselves to the elder. Yes, all of you be subject one to another, and be clothed with humility...

the imagination.

Genesis 6:5 And God saw that the wickedness of man was great in the earth...

Genesis 8:21 And the LORD smelled a sweet smell; and the LORD said in his heart, I will not again curse the ground any more for man's sake...

Deuteronomy 29:19,20 And it come to pass, when he hears the words of this curse, that he bless himself in his heart, saying, I shall have peace...

Romans 1:21 Because that, when they knew God, they glorified him not as God, neither were thankful; but became vain in their imaginations...

2 Corinthians 10:5 Casting down imaginations, and every high thing that exalts itself against the knowledge of God...

July 19 Morning
He that is mighty hath done to me great things; and holy is his name.--LUKE 1:49. Who is like unto thee, O Lord, among the gods? who is like thee, glorious in holiness, fearful in praises, doing wonders?--Among the gods there is none like unto thee, O Lord; neither are there any works like unto thy works.--Who shall not fear thee, O Lord, and glorify thy name? for thou only art holy.--Hallowed be thy name. Blessed be the Lord God of Israel; for he hath visited and redeemed his people. Who is this
Anonymous—Daily Light on the Daily Path

March 24 Morning
Abraham believed in the Lord; and he counted it to him for righteousness.--GEN. 15:6. He staggered not at the promise of God through unbelief; but was strong in faith, giving glory to God; and being fully persuaded that, what he had promised, he was able also to perform. And therefore it was imputed to him for righteousness. Now it was not written for his sake alone, that it was imputed to him: but for us also, to whom it shall be imputed, if we believe on him that raised up Jesus our Lord from the
Anonymous—Daily Light on the Daily Path

Jesus Born the Son of God.
(Christmas Sermon.) "Glory to God in" the Highest, on earth peace; goodwill towards men. Amen." TEXT: LUKE i. 31, 32. "Behold, . . . thou shalt bring forth a Son, and shalt call his name Jesus. He shall be great, and shall be called the Son of the Most High." THESE were the words of promise spoken by the angel to Mary, that Ho whom she should bear should be called the Son of the Highest; and as this promise is after wards brought into direct connection with the statement that the power of the Highest
Friedrich Schleiermacher—Selected Sermons of Schleiermacher

The Key-Note of a Choice Sonnet
But now, having introduced to you her magnificat, we will dwell upon these words, "My soul doth magnify the Lord," and I do earnestly hope that many of us can adopt the language without being guilty of falsehood: we can as truly say as Mary did, "My soul doth magnify the Lord." If there are any of you present to-night who cannot say it, get to your chambers, fall upon your knees, and cry to the Lord to help you to do so; for as long as a man cannot magnify God he is not fit for heaven, where the
Charles Haddon Spurgeon—Spurgeon's Sermons Volume 26: 1880

Cross References
Genesis 11:8
So the LORD scattered them from there over all the earth, and they stopped building the city.

Exodus 18:11
Now I know that the LORD is greater than all other gods, for he did this to those who had treated Israel arrogantly."

Psalm 98:1
A psalm. Sing to the LORD a new song, for he has done marvelous things; his right hand and his holy arm have worked salvation for him.

Psalm 118:15
Shouts of joy and victory resound in the tents of the righteous: "The LORD's right hand has done mighty things!

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