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New International Version
Then the disciple whom Jesus loved said to Peter, "It is the Lord!" As soon as Simon Peter heard him say, "It is the Lord," he wrapped his outer garment around him (for he had taken it off) and jumped into the water.

King James Bible
Therefore that disciple whom Jesus loved saith unto Peter, It is the Lord. Now when Simon Peter heard that it was the Lord, he girt his fisher's coat unto him, (for he was naked,) and did cast himself into the sea.

Darby Bible Translation
That disciple therefore whom Jesus loved says to Peter, It is the Lord. Simon Peter therefore, having heard that it was the Lord, girded his overcoat [on him] (for he was naked), and cast himself into the sea;

World English Bible
That disciple therefore whom Jesus loved said to Peter, "It's the Lord!" So when Simon Peter heard that it was the Lord, he wrapped his coat around him (for he was naked), and threw himself into the sea.

Young's Literal Translation
That disciple, therefore, whom Jesus was loving saith to Peter, 'The Lord it is!' Simon Peter, therefore, having heard that it is the Lord, did gird on the outer coat, (for he was naked,) and did cast himself into the sea;

John 21:7 Parallel
Clarke's Commentary on the Bible

His fisher's coat - Or, his upper coat. Επενδυτην, from επι, upon, and ενδυω, I clothe; something analagous to what we term a great coat or surtout.

He was naked - He was only in his vest. Γυμνος, naked, is often used to signify the absence of this upper garment only. In 1 Samuel 19:24, when Saul had put off his ἱματια, upper garments, he is said to have been γυμνος, naked; and David, when girded only with a linen ephod, is said to have been uncovered, in 2 Samuel 6:14, 2 Samuel 6:20. To which may be added what we read in the Sept. Job 22:6, Thou hast taken away the covering of the naked; αμφιασιν γυμνων, the plaid or blanket in which they wrapped themselves, and besides which they had none other. In this sense it is that Virgil says, Geor. i.:299: Nudus ara, sere nudus, i.e. strip off your upper garments, and work till you sweat. See more examples in Bp. Pearce.

Cast himself into the sea - It is likely that they were in very shallow water; and, as they were only two hundred cubits from the land, (about one hundred and thirty-two English yards), it is possible that Peter only stepped into the water that he might assist them to draw the boat to land, which was now heavily laden. It is not likely that he went into the water in order to swim ashore; had he intended this, it is not to be supposed that he would have put his great coat on, which must have been an essential hinderance to him in getting to shore.

Treasury of Scripture Knowledge

that disciple.

John 21:20,24 Then Peter, turning about, sees the disciple whom Jesus loved following; which also leaned on his breast at supper, and said, Lord...

John 13:23 Now there was leaning on Jesus' bosom one of his disciples, whom Jesus loved.

John 19:26 When Jesus therefore saw his mother, and the disciple standing by, whom he loved, he said to his mother, Woman, behold your son!

John 20:2 Then she runs, and comes to Simon Peter, and to the other disciple, whom Jesus loved, and said to them...

It is.

John 20:20,28 And when he had so said, he showed to them his hands and his side. Then were the disciples glad, when they saw the LORD...

Psalm 118:23 This is the LORD's doing; it is marvelous in our eyes.

Mark 11:3 And if any man say to you, Why do you this? say you that the Lord has need of him; and straightway he will send him here.

Luke 2:11 For to you is born this day in the city of David a Savior, which is Christ the Lord.

Acts 2:36 Therefore let all the house of Israel know assuredly, that God has made the same Jesus, whom you have crucified, both Lord and Christ.

Acts 10:36 The word which God sent to the children of Israel, preaching peace by Jesus Christ: (he is Lord of all:)

1 Corinthians 15:47 The first man is of the earth, earthy; the second man is the Lord from heaven.

James 2:1 My brothers, have not the faith of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Lord of glory, with respect of persons.


Songs 8:7 Many waters cannot quench love, neither can the floods drown it: if a man would give all the substance of his house for love...

Matthew 14:28,29 And Peter answered him and said, Lord, if it be you, bid me come to you on the water...

Luke 7:47 Why I say to you, Her sins, which are many, are forgiven; for she loved much: but to whom little is forgiven, the same loves little.

2 Corinthians 5:14 For the love of Christ constrains us; because we thus judge, that if one died for all, then were all dead:

fisher's coat. Or, upper coat, great coat, or, surtout, [ependutes,] from [epi,] upon, and [enduo,] I clothe.

naked. That is, he was only in his vest, or under garment; for [gumnos,] naked, like the Hebrew arom, is frequently applied to one who has merely laid aside his outer garment. See


1 Samuel 19:24 And he stripped off his clothes also, and prophesied before Samuel in like manner, and lay down naked all that day and all that night...


2 Samuel 16:20 Then said Absalom to Ahithophel, Give counsel among you what we shall do.

, on which see the note. To which may be added what we read in the LXX,

Job 22:6 For you have taken a pledge from your brother for nothing, and stripped the naked of their clothing.

, 'Thou has taken away the covering of the naked,' [amphiazo,] the plaid, or blanket, in which they wrapped themselves, and besides they had no other. In this sense Virgil says, Nudus ara, sere nudus, 'plough naked, and sow naked,' i.e., strip off your upper garments.

November 20. "The Disciple whom Jesus Loved Leaned on his Breast" (John xxi. 20).
"The disciple whom Jesus loved leaned on His breast" (John xxi. 20). An American gentleman once visited the saintly Albert Bengel. He was very desirous to hear him pray. So one night he lingered at his door, hoping to overhear his closing devotions. The rooms were adjoining and the doors ajar. The good man finished his studies, closed his books, knelt down for a moment and simply said: "Dear Lord Jesus, things are still the same between us," and then sweetly fell asleep. So close was his communion
Rev. A. B. Simpson—Days of Heaven Upon Earth

The Beach and the Sea
'When the morning was now come, Jesus stood on the shore; but the disciples knew not that it was Jesus.'--JOHN xxi. 4. The incident recorded in this appendix to John's Gospel is separated from the other appearances of our risen Lord in respect of place, time, and purpose. They all occurred in and about Jerusalem; this took place in Galilee. The bulk of them happened on the day of the Resurrection, one of them a week after. This, of course, to allow time for the journey, must have been at a considerably
Alexander Maclaren—Expositions of Holy Scripture: St. John Chaps. XV to XXI

Lovest Thou Me?
Without preface, for we shall have but little time this morning--may God help us to make good use of it!--we shall mention three things: first a solemn question--"Lovest thou me?" secondly, a discreet answer, "Yes, Lord, thou knowest that I love thee;" and thirdly, a required demonstration of the fact, "He saith unto him, Feed my lambs;" or, again, "Feed my sheep." I. First, then, here was A SOLEMN QUESTION, which our Saviour put to Peter, not for his own information, for, as Peter said, "Thou knowest
Charles Haddon Spurgeon—Spurgeon's Sermons Volume 3: 1857

Christ among the Common Things of Life
William James Dawson, Congregational preacher and evangelist, was born in Towcester, Northamptonshire, in 1854. He was educated at Kingswood School, Bath, and Didsbury College, Manchester. He has long been known as an author of originality and pure literary style. In 1906 he received the pastorate of Highbury Quadrant Congregational Church, London, and accepted an invitation to do general evangelistic work under the auspices of the National Council of the Congregational churches of the United States.
Various—The World's Great Sermons, Volume 10

Cross References
Luke 12:35
"Be dressed ready for service and keep your lamps burning,

John 13:23
One of them, the disciple whom Jesus loved, was reclining next to him.

John 21:8
The other disciples followed in the boat, towing the net full of fish, for they were not far from shore, about a hundred yards.

John 21:20
Peter turned and saw that the disciple whom Jesus loved was following them. (This was the one who had leaned back against Jesus at the supper and had said, "Lord, who is going to betray you?")

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