Titus 1:8
1:5-9 The character and qualification of pastors, here called elders and bishops, agree with what the apostle wrote to Timothy. Being such bishops and overseers of the flock, to be examples to them, and God's stewards to take care of the affairs of his household, there is great reason that they should be blameless. What they are not to be, is plainly shown, as well as what they are to be, as servants of Christ, and able ministers of the letter and practice of the gospel. And here are described the spirit and practice becoming such as should be examples of good works.

8. lover of hospitality—needed especially in those days (Ro 12:13; 1Ti 3:2; Heb 13:2; 1Pe 4:9; 3Jo 5). Christians travelling from one place to another were received and forwarded on their journey by their brethren.

lover of good men—Greek, "a lover of (all that is) good," men or things (Php 4:8, 9).

sober—towards one's self; "discreet"; "self-restrained" [Alford], (see on [2520]1Ti 2:9).

just—towards "men."

holy—towards God (see on [2521]1Th 2:10).

temperate—"One having his passions, tongue, hand and eyes, at command" [Chrysostom]; "continent."

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