Colossians 4:1
4:1 The apostle proceeds with the duty of masters to their servants. Not only justice is required of them, but strict equity and kindness. Let them deal with servants as they expect God should deal with themselves.


Col 4:1-18. Exhortations Continued. To Prayer: Wisdom in Relation to the Unconverted: As to the Bearers of the Epistle, Tychicus and Onesimus: Closing Salutations.

1. give—Greek "render": literally, "afford."

equal—that is, as the slaves owe their duties to you, so you equally owe to them your duties as masters. Compare "ye masters do the same things" (see on [2430]Eph 6:9). Alford translates, "fairness," "equity," which gives a large and liberal interpretation of justice in common matters (Phm 16).

knowing—(Col 3:24).

ye also—as well as they.

Colossians 3:25
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