Psalm 8
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1TO THE OVERSEER. ON THE GITTITH. A PSALM OF DAVID. YHWH, our Lord, "" How majestic [is] Your Name in all the earth, "" Who have set Your splendor on the heavens!

2From the mouths of infants and sucklings "" You have founded strength, "" Because of Your adversaries, "" To still an enemy and a self-avenger.

3For I see Your heavens, a work of Your fingers, "" [The] moon and stars that You established.

4What [is] man that You remember him? The son of man that You inspect him?

5You make him a little lower than the gods [[or God]], "" And surround him with glory and majesty.

6You cause him to rule "" Over the works of Your hands, "" You have placed all under his feet.

7Sheep and oxen, all of them, "" And also beasts of the field,

8Bird of the heavens, and fish of the sea, "" Passing through the paths of the seas!

9YHWH, our Lord, "" How majestic [is] Your Name in all the earth!

Literal Standard Version
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