Psalm 5
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1TO THE OVERSEER. [BLOWN] INTO THE PIPES. A PSALM OF DAVID. Hear my sayings, O YHWH, "" Consider my meditation.

2Be attentive to the voice of my cry, "" My King and my God, "" For I pray to You habitually.

3YHWH, [in] the morning You hear my voice, "" [In] the morning I set in array for You, "" And I look out [expectantly].

4For You [are] not a God desiring wickedness, "" Evil does not inhabit You.

5The boastful do not station themselves before Your eyes: You have hated all working iniquity.

6You destroy those speaking lies, "" YHWH detests a man of blood and deceit.

7And I, in the abundance of Your kindness, "" I enter Your house, "" I bow myself toward Your holy temple in Your fear.

8O YHWH, lead me in Your righteousness, "" Because of those observing me, "" Make Your way straight before me,

9For there is no stability in their mouth. Their heart [is] mischiefs, "" Their throat [is] an open grave, "" They make their tongue smooth.

10Declare them guilty, O God, "" Let them fall from their own counsels, "" In the abundance of their transgressions "" Drive them away, "" Because they have been rebellious against You.

11And all trusting in You rejoice, "" They sing for all time, and You cover them over, "" And those loving Your Name exult in You.

12For You bless the righteous, O YHWH, "" Surrounding him with favor as a buckler!

Literal Standard Version
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