Job 35
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1And Elihu answers and says:

2“Have you reckoned this for judgment [when] you have said, "" My righteousness [is] more than God’s?

3For you say, What does it profit You? What do I profit from my sin?

4I return words, and your friends with you,

5Behold attentively the heavens—and see, "" And behold the clouds, "" They have been higher than you.

6If you have sinned, what do you do against Him? And your transgressions have been multiplied, "" What do you do to Him?

7If you have been righteous, "" What do you give to Him? Or what does He receive from your hand?

8For a man like yourself [is] your wickedness, "" And for a son of man your righteousness.

9Because of the multitude of oppressions "" They cause to cry out, "" They cry because of the arm of the mighty.

10And none said, Where [is] God my Maker? Giving songs in the night,

11Teaching us more than the beasts of the earth, "" Indeed, He makes us wiser than the bird of the heavens.

12There they cry, and He does not answer, "" Because of the pride of evildoers.

13Surely God does not hear vanity, "" And the Mighty does not behold it.

14Indeed, though you say you do not behold Him, "" Judgment [is] before Him, and stays for Him.

15And now, because there is not, "" He has appointed His anger, "" And He has not known in great extremity.

16And Job opens his mouth [with] vanity, "" He multiplies words without knowledge.”

Literal Standard Version
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