Job 26
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1And Job answers and says:

2“How you have helped the powerless, || Saved an arm not strong!

3How you have given counsel to the unwise, || And made known wise plans in abundance.

4With whom have you declared words? And whose breath came forth from you?

5The Rephaim are formed, || Also their inhabitants beneath the waters.

6Sheol [is] naked before Him, || And there is no covering to destruction.

7Stretching out the north over desolation, || Hanging the earth on nothing,

8Binding up the waters in His thick clouds, || And the cloud is not burst under them.

9Taking hold of the face of the throne, || Spreading His cloud over it.

10He has placed a limit on the waters, || To the boundary of light with darkness.

11Pillars of the heavens tremble, || And they wonder because of His rebuke.

12By His power He has quieted the sea, || And by His understanding struck the proud.

13He beautified the heavens by His Spirit, || His hand has formed the fleeing serpent.

14Behold, these [are] the borders of His way, and how little a matter is heard of Him, and who understands the thunder of His might?”

Literal Standard Version
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