The Psalms of David

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The Life of Isaac Watts, D.D.


Of chusing or finding the Psalm.

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THE Psalms of David, In Metre.

Psalm 1:1. Common Metre,

Psalm 1:2. S. M. The saint happy, the sinner miserable.

Psalm 1:3. L. M. The difference between the righteous and the wicked.

Psalm 2:1. S. M. Translated according to the divine pattern, Acts iv. 24 &c.

Psalm 2:3. L. M. Christ's death, resurrection, and ascension.

Psalm 3:1. C. M. Doubts and fears supprest; or, God our defence from sin and Satan.

Psalm 3:2. 1 2 3 4 5 8. L. M. A morning Psalm.

Psalm 4:1. 1 2 3 5 6 7. L. M. Hearing prayer; or, God our portion, and Christ our hope.

Psalm 4:2. 3 4 5 8. C. M. An evening Psalm.

Psalm 5. For the Lord's day morning.

Psalm 6:1. C. M. Complaint in sickness; or, diseases healed.

Psalm 6:2. L. M. Temptations in sickness overcome.

Psalm 7. God's care of his people and punishment of persecutors.

Psalm 8:1. S. M. God's sovereignty and goodness; and man's dominion over the creatures.

Psalm 8:2. C. M. Christ's condescension and glorification; or, God made man.

Psalm 8:3. 1 2. paraphrased. First Part. L. M. The Hosanna of the children; or, Infants praising God.

Psalm 8:4. 3 &c. paraphrased. Second Part. L. M. Adam and Christ, lords of the old and the new creation.

Psalm 9:1. First Part. Wrath and mercy from the judgment-seat.

Psalm 9:2. 10. Second Part. The wisdom and equity of providence.

Psalm 10. Prayer heard, and saints saved; or, Pride, atheism, and oppression punished.

Psalm 11. God loves the righteous and hates the wicked.

Psalm 12:1. L. M. The saint's safety and hope in evil times; or, Sins of the tongue complained of, viz, blasphemy, falsehood, &c.

Psalm 12:2. C. M. Complaint of a general corruption of manners; or, The promise and signs of Christ's coming to judgment.

Psalm 13:1. L. M. Pleading with God under desertion; or, Hope, in darkness.

Psalm 13:2. C. M. Complaint under temptations of the devil.

Psalm 14:1. First Part. By nature all men are sinners.

Psalm 14:2. Second Part. The folly of persecutors.

Psalm 15:1. C. M. Characters of a saint; or, a citizen of Zion; or, The qualifications of a Christian.

Psalm 15:2. L. M. Religion and justice, goodness and truth; or, Duties to God and man; or, The qualifications of a Christian.

Psalm 16:1. First Part. L. M. Confession of our poverty, and saints the best company; or, Good works profit men, not God.

Psalm 16:2. Second Part. L. M. Christ's all-sufficiency.

Psalm 16:3. Third Part. L. M. Courage in death, and hope of the resurrection.

Psalm 16:4. First Part. C. M. Support and counsel from God without merit.

Psalm 16:5. Second Part. C. M. The death and resurrection of Christ.

Psalm 17:1. 13 &c. S. M. Portion of saints and sinners; or, Hope and despair in death.

Psalm 17:2. L. M. The sinner's portion, and saint's hope; or, The heaven of separate souls, and the resurrection.

Psalm 18:1. 1-6 15-18. First Part. L. M. Deliverance from despair; or, Temptations overcome.

Psalm 18:2. 20-26. Second Part. L. M. Sincerity proved and rewarded.

Psalm 18:3. 30 31 34 35 46. 3d Part. L. M. Rejoicing in God; or, Salvation and triumph.

Psalm 18:4. First Part. C. M. Victory and triumph over temporal enemies.

Psalm 19:1. First Part. S. M. The book of nature and scripture.

Psalm 19:2. Second Part. S. M. God's word most excellent; or, Sincerity and watchfulness.

Psalm 19:3. L. M. The books of nature and of scripture compared; or, The glory and success of the gospel.

Psalm 19:4. To the tune of the 113th Psalm. The book of nature and scripture.

Psalm 20. Prayer and hope of victory. For a day of prayer in time of war.

Psalm 21:1. C. M. Our king is the care of heaven.

Psalm 21:2. 1-9. L. M. Christ exalted to the kingdom.

Psalm 22:1. 1-16. First Part. C. M, The sufferings and death of Christ.

Psalm 22:2. 20 21 27-31. 2d Part. C. M. Christ's sufferings and kingdom.

Psalm 22:3. L. M. Christ's sufferings and exaltation.

Psalm 23:1. L. M. God our Shepherd.

Psalm 23:2. C. M. The same.

Psalm 23:3. S. M. The same.

Psalm 24:1. C. M. Dwelling with God.

Psalm 24:2. L. M. Saints dwell in heaven; or, Christ's ascension.

Psalm 25:1. 1-11. First Part. Waiting for pardon and direction.

Psalm 25:2. 12 14 10 13. Second Part. Divine instruction.

Psalm 25:3. 15-22. Third Part. Distress of soul; or, Backsliding and desertion.

Psalm 26. Self-examination; or, Evidences of grace.

Psalm 27:1. 1-6. First Part. The church is our delight and safety.

Psalm 27:2. 8 9 13 14. Second Part.

Psalm 29. L. M. Storm and thunder.

Psalm 30:1. First Part. Sickness healed, and sorrow removed.

Psalm 30:2. 6. Second Part. Health, sickness, and recovery.

Psalm 31:1. 5 13-19 22 23. First Part. Deliverance from death.

Psalm 31:2. 7-13 18-21. Second Part. Deliverance from slander and reproach.

Psalm 32:1. S. M. Forgiveness of sins upon confession.

Psalm 32:2. First Part. L. M. Free pardon and sincere obedience; or, Confession and forgiveness.

Psalm 32:3. L. M. Repentance and free pardon; or, Justification and sanctification.

Psalm 32:4. Second Part. L. M. A guilty conscience eased by confession and pardon.

Psalm 33:1. First Part. C. M. Works of creation and providence.

Psalm 33:2. Second Part. C. M. Creatures vain, and God all-sufficient.

Psalm 33:3. First Part. As the 113th Psalm. Works of creation and providence.

Psalm 33:4. Second Part. As the 113th Psalm. Creatures vain, and God all-sufficient.

Psalm 34:1. First Part. L. M. God's care of the saints; or, Deliverance by prayer.

Psalm 34:2. 11-22. Second Part. L. M. Religious education; or, Instructions of piety.

Psalm 34:3. 1-10. First Part. C. M. Prayer and Praise for eminent deliverance.

Psalm 34:4. 11-22. Second Part. C. M. Exhortations to peace and Holiness.

Psalm 35:1. 1-9. First Part. Prayer and faith of persecuted saints; or, Imprecations mixed with charity.

Psalm 35:2. 12-14. Second Part. Love to enemies; or, The love of Christ to sinners typified in David.

Psalm 36:1. 5-9. L. M. The perfections and providence of God; or, General providence and special grace.

Psalm 36:2. 1 2 5 6 7 9 C. M. Practical atheism exposed; or, The being and attributes of God asserted.

Psalm 36:3. 1-7. S. M. The wickedness of man, and the majesty of God; or. Practical atheism exposed.

Psalm 37:1. 1-15. First Part. The cure of envy, fretfulness, and unbelief; or, The rewards of the righteous, and the wicked; or, The world's hatred, and the saint's patience.

Psalm 37:2. 16 21 26-31. Second Part. Charity to the poor; or, Religion in words and deeds.

Psalm 37:3. 23-27. Third Part. The way and end of the righteous and the wicked.

Psalm 38. Guilt of conscience and relief; or, Repentance, and prayer for pardon and health.

Psalm 39:1. 1 2 3. First Part. Watchfulness over the tongue; or, Prudence and zeal.

Psalm 39:2. 4-7. Second Part. The vanity of man as mortal.

Psalm 39:3. 9-13. Third Part. Sick-bed devotion; or, Pleading without repining.

Psalm 40:1. 1 3 5 17. First Part. C. M. A song of deliverance from great distress.

Psalm 40:2. 6-9. Second Part. C. M. The incarnation and sacrifice of Christ.

Psalm 40:3. 5-10. L. M. Christ our sacrifice.

Psalm 41. 1 2 3. Charity to the poor; or, Pity to the afflicted.

Psalm 42:1. 1-5. First Part. Desertion and hope; or, Complaint of absence from public worship.

Psalm 42:2. 6-11. Second Part. Melancholy thoughts reproved; or, Hope in afflictions.

Psalm 44. 1 2 3 8 15-26. The church's complaint in persecution.

Psalm 45:1. S. M. The glory of Christ; the success of the gospel; and the Gentile church.

Psalm 45:2. C. M. The personal glories and government of Christ.

Psalm 45:3. First Part. L. M. The glory of Christ, and power of his gospel.

Psalm 45:4. Second Part. L. M. Christ and his church; or, The mystical marriage.

Psalm 46:1. First Part. The church's safety and triumph among national desolations.

Psalm 46:2. Second Part. God fights for his church.

Psalm 47. Christ ascending and reigning.

Psalm 48:1. 1-8. First Part. The church is the honour and safety of a nation.

Psalm 48:2. 10-14. Second Part. The beauty of the church; or, Gospel worship and order.

Psalm 49:1. 8-14. First Part. C. M. Pride and death; or, The vanity of life and riches.

Psalm 49:2. 14 15. Second Part. C. M. Death and the resurrection.

Psalm 49:3. L. M. The rich sinner's death, and the saint's resurrection.

Psalm 50:1. 1-6. First Part. C. M. The last judgment; or, The saints rewarded.

Psalm 50:2. 8 10 11 14 15 23. Second Part. C. M. Obedience is better than sacrifice.

Psalm 50:3. 1 5 8 16 21 22. 3d Part. C. M. The judgement of hypocrites.

Psalm 50:4. L. M. Hypocrisy exposed.

Psalm 50:5. To a new Tune. The last judgment.

Psalm 50:6. To the old proper Tune. The last judgment.

Psalm 51:1. First Part. L. M. A penitent pleading for pardon.

Psalms 51:2. Second Part. L. M. Original and actual sin confessed.

Psalm 51:3. Third Part. L. M. The backslider restored; or, Repentance and faith in the blood of Christ.

Psalm 51:4. 3-13. First Part. C. M. Original and actual sin confessed and pardoned.

Psalm 51:5. 14-17. Second Part. C. M. Repentance and faith in the blood of Christ.

Psalm 53. 4-6. Victory and deliverance from persecution.

Psalm 55:1. 1-8 16-18 22. C. M. Support for the afflicted and tempted soul.

Psalm 55:2. 15-17 19 22. S. M. Dangerous prosperity; or, Daily devotions encouraged.

Psalm 56. Deliverance from oppression and falsehood; or, God's care of his people, in answer to faith and prayer.

Psalm 57. Praise for protection, grace, and truth.

Psalm 58. As the 113th Psalm. Warning to magistrates.

Psalm 60. 1-5 10-12. On a day of humiliation for disappointments in war.

Psalm 61. 1-6. Safety in God.

Psalm 62. 5-12. No trust in the creatures; or, Faith in divine grace and power.

Psalm 63:1. 1 2 5 34. First Part. C. M. The morning of a Lord's day.

Psalm 63:2. 6-10. Second Part. Midnight thoughts recollected.

Psalm 63:3. L. M. Longing after God; or, The love of God better than life.

Psalm 63:4. S. M. Seeking God.

Psalm 65:1. 1-5. First Part. L. M. Public prayer and praise.

Psalm 65:2. 5-13. Second Part. L. M. Divine providence in air, earth, and sea; or, The God of nature and grace.

Psalm 65:3. First Part. C. M. A prayer-hearing God, and the Gentiles called.

Psalm 65:4. Second Part. C. M. The providence of God in air, earth, and sea; or, The blessing of rain.

Psalm 65:5. Third Part. C. M. The blessing: of the spring; or, God gives rain. A psalm for the husbandman.

Psalm 66:1. First Part. Governing power and goodness; or, Our graces tried by afflictions.

Psalm 66:2. 13-20. Second Part. Praise to God for hearing prayer.

5 But God, (his Name be ever blest) Hath set my spirit free, Nor turn'd from him my poor request, Nor turn'd his heart from me.

Psalm 67. The nation's prosperity and the church's increase.

Psalm 68:1. 1-6 32-35. First Part. The vengeance and compassion of God.

Psalm 68:2. 17 18. Second Part. Christ's ascension, and the gift of the Spirit.

Psalm 68:3. 19 9 20-2. Third Part. Praise for temporal blessings; or, Common and special mercies.

Psalm 69:1. 1-14. First Part. C. M. The sufferings of Christ for our salvation.

7 "Grief, like a garment, cloth'd me round, "And sackcloth was my dress, "While I procur'd for naked souls "A robe of righteousness.

Psalm 69:2. 14-21 26 29 32. 2d Part. C. M. The passion and exaltation of Christ.

Psalm 69:3. Third Part. C. M. Christ's obedience and death; or, God glorified and sinners saved.

Psalm 69:4. First Part. L. M. Christ's passion, and sinners' salvation.

Psalm 69:5. 7 &c. Second Part. L. M. Christ's sufferings and zeal.

Psalm 71:1. 5-9. First Part. The aged saint's reflection and hope.

Psalm 71:2. 15 14 16 23 22 24. 2d Part. Christ our strength and righteousness.

Psalm 71:3. 17-21. Third Part. The aged Christian's prayer and song; or, Old age, death, and the resurrection.

Psalm 72:1. First Part. The kingdom of Christ.

Psalm 72:2. Second Part. Christ's kingdom among the Gentiles.

Psalm 73:1. First Part. C. M. Afflicted saints happy, and prosperous sinners cursed.

Psalm 73:2. 23-8. Second Part. God our portion here and hereafter.

Psalm 73:3. 22 3 6 17-20. L. M. The prosperity of sinners cursed.

Psalm 73:4. S. M. The mystery of providence unfolded.

Psalm 74. The church pleading with God under sore persecutions.

Psalm 75. Power and government from God alone. Applied to the glorious Revolution by King William, or the happy Accession of King George to the Throne.

Psalm 76. Israel saved, and the Assyrians destroyed; or, God's vengeance against his enemies proceeds from his church.

Psalm 77:1. First Part. Melancholy assaulting, and hope prevailing.

Psalm 77:2. Second Part. Comfort derived from ancient providences; or, Israel delivered from Egypt, and brought to Canaan.

Psalm 78:1. First Part. Providence of God recorded; or, Pious education and instruction of children.

Psalm 78:2. Second Part. Israel's rebellion and punishment; or, The sins and chastisements of God's people.

Psalm 78:3. Third Part. The punishment of luxury and intemperance; or, Chastisement and salvation.

Psalm 78:4. 32 &c. Fourth Part. Backsliding and forgiveness; or, Sin punished, and saints saved.

Psalm 80. The church's prayer under affliction; or, The vineyard of God wasted.

Psalm 81. 1 8 16. The warnings of God to his people; or, Spiritual blessings and punishments.

Psalm 82. God the supreme Governor; or, Magistrates warned.

Psalm 83. A complaint against persecutors.

Psalm 84:1. First Part. L. M. The pleasure of public worship.

Psalm 84:2. Second Part. L. M. God and his church; or, Grace and glory.

Psalm 84:3. 14 2 3 10. Paraphrased. C. M. Delight in ordinances of worship; or, God present in his churches.

Psalm 84:4. As the 148th Psalm. Longing for the house of God.

Psalm 85:1. 1-8. First Part. Waiting for an answer to prayer; or, Deliverance begun and completed.

Psalm 85:2. 9 &c. Second Part. Salvation by Christ.

Psalm 86. 8-13. A general song of praise to God.

Psalm 87. The church the birth-place of the saints; or, Jews and Gentiles united in the Christian Church.

Psalm 89:1. First Part. L. M. The covenant made with Christ; or, the true David.

Psalm 89:2. First Part. C. M. The faithfulness of God.

Psalm 89:3. 7 &c. Second Part. The power and majesty of God; or, Reverential worship.

Psalm 89:4. 15 &c. Third Part. A blessed gospel.

Psalm 89:5. 19 &c. Fourth Part. Christ's mediatorial kingdom; or, His divine and human nature.

Psalm 89:6. 30 &c. Fifth Part. The covenant of grace unchangeable; or, Afflictions without rejection.

Psalm 89:7. 47 &c. Sixth Part. Mortality and hope. A funeral psalm.

Psalm 89:8. 47 &c. Last Part. As the 113th Psalm. Life, death, and the resurrection.

Psalm 90:1. L. M. Man mortal, and God eternal. A mournful song at a funeral.

Psalm 90:2. 1-5. First Part. C. M. Man frail, and God eternal.

Psalm 90:3. 8 11 9 10 12. 2d Part. C. M. Infirmities and mortality the effect of sin; or, Life, old age, and preparation for death.

Psalm 90:4. 13 &c. Third Part. C. M. Breathing after heaven.

Psalm 90:5. 5 10 12. S. M. The frailty and shortness of life.

Psalm 91:1. 1-7. First Part. Safety in public diseases and dangers.

Psalm 91:2. 1-16. Second Part. Protection from death, guard of angels, victory and deliverance.

Psalm 92:1. First Part. A psalm for the Lord's day.

Psalm 92:2. 12 &c. Second Part. The church is the garden of God.

Psalm 93:1. 1st Metre. As 100th Psalm. The eternal and sovereign God.

Psalm 93:2. 2d M. As the old 50th Psalm. The same.

Psalm 93:3. 3d M. As the old 122d Psalm. The same.

Psalm 94:1. 1 2 7-14. First Part. Saints chastised, and sinners destroyed; or, Instructive afflictions.

Psalm 94:2. 16-23. Second Part. God our support and comfort; or, Deliverance from temptation and persecution.

Psalm 95:1. C. M. A psalm before prayer.

Psalm 95:2. S. M. A psalm before sermon.

Psalm 95:3. 1 2 3 6-11. L. M. Canaan lost through unbelief; or, A warning to delaying sinners.

Psalm 96:1. 1-10. &c. C. M. Christ's first and second coming.

Psalm 96:2. As the 113th Psalm. The God of the Gentiles.

Psalm 97:1. 1-5. First Part. Christ reigning in heaven, and coming to judgment.

Psalm 97:2. 6-9. Second Part. Christ's incarnation.

Psalm 97:3. Third Part. Grace and glory.

1 Th' Almighty reigns exalted high O'er all the earth, o'er all the sky, Tho' clouds and darkness veil his feet, His dwelling is the mercy-seat.

Psalm 97:4. 1 3 5-7 11. C. M. Christ's incarnation, and the last judgment.

Psalm 98:1. First Part. Praise for the gospel.

Psalm 98:2. Second Part. The Messiah's coming and kingdom.

Psalm 99:1. First Part. Christ's kingdom and majesty.

Psalm 99:2. Second Part. A holy God worshipped with reverence.

Psalm 100:1. 1st M. A plain translation. Praise to our Creator.

3 Enter his gates with songs of joy, With praises to his courts repair, And make it your divine employ To pay your thanks and honours there.

Psalm 100:2. 2d M. A Paraphrase.

Psalm 101:1. L. M. The Magistrate's psalm.

Psalm 101:2. C. M. A psalm for a master of a family.


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