Christ the Wisdom of God, Prov. 8 1 22-32.
1 Shall wisdom cry aloud
And not her speech be heard?
The voice of God's eternal word,
Deserves it no regard?

2 "I was his chief delight,
"His everlasting Son,
"Before the first of all his works,
"Creation, was begun.

3 ["Before the flying clouds,
"Before the solid land,
"Before the fields, before the floods,
"I dwelt at his right hand.

4 "When he adorn'd the skies,
"And built them I was there
"To order where the sun should rise,
"And marshal every star.

5 "When he pour'd out the sea,
"And spread the flowing deep,
"I gave the flood a firm decree,
"In its own bounds to keep.]

6 "Upon the empty air
The earth was balanc'd well;
"With joy I saw the mansion where
"The sons of men should dwell.

7 "My busy thoughts at first
"On their salvation ran,
"Ere sin was born, or Adam's dust
"Was fashioned to a man.

8 "Then come, receive my grace,
"Ye children, and be wise;
"Happy the man that keeps my ways;
"The man that shuns them dies."

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