Advice to Youth; Or, Old Age and Death in an Unconverted State, Eccles. 12 1 7 Isa. 65 20
1 Now in the heat of youthful blood
Remember your Creator God,
Behold the months come hastening on
When you shall say, "My joys are gone."

2 Behold, the aged sinner goes,
Laden with guilt and heavy woes
Down to the regions of the dead,
With endless curses on his head.

3 The dust returns to dust again,
The soul in agonies of pain
Ascends to God, not there to dwell,
But hears her doom, and sinks to hell.

4 Eternal King! I fear thy Name,
Teach me to know how frail I am;
And when my soul must hence remove,
Give me a mansion in thy love.

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