The Church's Beauty in the Eyes of Christ, Cant. 4 1 10 11 7 9 8
1 Kind is the speech of Christ our Lord,
Affection sounds in every word,
"Lo, thou art fair, my love, he cries,
"Not the young doves have sweeter eyes.

2 ["Sweet are thy lips, thy pleasing voice
"Salutes mine ear with secret joys,
"No spice so much delights the smell,
"Nor milk nor honey taste so well.]

3 "Thou art all fair, my bride, to me,
"I will behold no spot in thee."
What mighty wonders love performs,
And puts a comeliness on worms!

4 Defil'd and loathsome as we are,
He makes us white, and calls us fair;
Adorns us with that heavenly dress,
His graces and his righteousness.

5 "My sister, and my spouse," he cries,
"Bound to my heart by various ties,
"Thy powerful love my heart detains
"In strong delight and pleasing chains."

6 He calls me from the leopard's den,
From this wild world of beasts and men,
To Sion where his glories are;
Not Lebanon is half so fair.

7 Nor dens of prey, nor flowery plains
Nor earthly joys, nor earthly pains
Shall hold my feet, or force my stay,
When Christ invites my soul away.

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