The Coronation of Christ, and Espousals of the Church, Cant. 3 2
1 Daughters of Sion, come, behold
The crown of honour and of gold,
Which the glad church with joys unknown
Plac'd on the head of Solomon.

2 Jesus, thou everlasting King,
Accept the tribute which we bring,
Accept the well-deserv'd renown,
And wear our praises as thy crown.

3 Let every act of worship be
Like our espousals, Lord, to thee;
Like the dear hour, when from above
We first receiv'd thy pledge of love.

4 The gladness of that happy day,
Our hearts would wish it long to stay,
Nor let our faith forsake its hold,
Nor comfort sink, nor love grow cold.

5 Each following minute as it flies,
Increase thy praise, improve our joys,
Till we are rais'd to sing thy Name
At the great supper of the Lamb.

6 O that the months would roll away,
And bring that coronation-day!
The King of Grace shall fill the throne
With all his Father's glories on.

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