constitutions of the holy apostles

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Introductory Notice to Constitutions of the Holy Apostles.

constitutions of the holy apostles. Book I. Concerning the Laity.

Sec. I.--General Commandments.

Sec. II.--Commandments to Men.

Sec. III.--Commandments to Women.

constitutions of the holy apostles. Book II. Of Bishops, Presbyters, and Deacons.

Sec. I.--On Examining Candidates for the Episcopal Office.

Sec. II.--On the Character and Teaching of the Bishop.

Sec. III.--How the Bishop is to Treat the Innocent, the Guilty, and the Penitent.

Sec. IV.--On the Management of the Resources Collected for the Support of the Clergy, and the Relief of the Poor.

Sec. V.--On Accusations, and the Treatment of Accusers.

Sec. VI.--The Disputes of the Faithful to Be Settled by the Decisions of the Bishop, and the Faithful to Be Reconciled.

Sec. VII.--On Assembling in the Church.

Sec. VIII.--On the Duty of Working for a Livelihood.


constitutions of the holy apostles. Book III.

Sec. I.--Concerning Widows.

Sec. II.--On Deacons and Deaconesses, the Rest of the Clergy, and on Baptism.

constitutions of the holy apostles. Book IV.

Sec. I.--On Helping the Poor.

Sec. II.--On Domestic and Social Life.

constitutions of the holy apostles. Book V.

Sec. I.--Concerning the Martyrs.

Sec. II.--All Association with Idols is to Be Avoided.

Sec. III.--On Feast Days and Fast Days.

constitutions of the holy apostles. Book VI.

Sec. I.--On Heresies.

Sec. II.--History and Doctrines of Heresies.

Sec. III.--The Heresies Attacked by the Apostles.

Sec. IV.--Of the Law.

Sec. V.--The Teaching of the Apostles in Opposition to Jewish and Gentile Superstitions, Especially in Regard to Marriage and Funerals.

Sec. VI.--Conclusion of the Work.

constitutions of the holy apostles. Book VII. Concerning the Christian Life, and the Eucharist, and the Initiation into Christ.

Sec. I.--On the Two Ways, --The Way of Life and the Way of Death.

Sec. II.--On the Formation of the Character of Believers, and on Giving of Thanks to God.

Sec. III.--On the Instruction of Catechumens, and Their Initiation into Baptism.

Sec. IV.--Enumeration Ordained by Apostles.

Sec. V.--Daily Prayers.

constitutions of the holy apostles. Book VIII. Concerning Gifts, and Ordinations, and the Ecclesiastical Canons.

Sec. I.--On the Diversity of Spiritual Gifts.

Sec. II.--Election and Ordination of Bishops: Form of Service on Sundays.

Sec. III.--Ordination and Duties of the Clergy.

Sec. IV.--Certain Prayers and Laws.

Sec. V.--All the Apostles Urge the Observance of the Order of the Church.

The Ecclesiastical Canons of the Same Holy Apostles.


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