Book of Hymns for Public and Private Devotion

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1. S. M. *Emily Taylor. Invitation.

2. P. M. H. Ware. Call to Prayer.

3. S. M. *Watts. Cheerful Worship.

4. L. M. Anonymous. The House of God.

5. 7s. M. Seeking God.

6. L. M. Heber. The Sanctuary.

7. C. M. Springfield Coll. The Sabbath of the Soul.

8. 8 & 7s. M. Wesleyan. Love Divine.

9. 8 & 7s. M. J. Taylor. Seeking God's Presence.

10. L. M. Gaskell. "It is Good to be Here."

11. 7s. M. J. Taylor. Acceptable Offerings.

12. S. M. Anonymous. The Place of Prayer.

13. L. M. Anonymous. The Lord is in His Holy Temple.

14. 7s. M. Bowring. The Temple.

15. 7s. M. Gray. Supplication.

16. H. M. *Watts. How Amiable are Thy Tabernacles.

17. 7s. M. J. Taylor. Devotion.

18. L. M. Watts. Hundredth Psalm.

19. C. M. Bowring. The Heart's Worship.

20. P. M. Barton. Worship in Spirit.

21. 7s. M. Wesleyan. The Light of Life.

22. 7s. M. Bowring. Every Good Gift from the Father.

23. L. M. Frothingham. For Spiritual Influences.

24. L. M. H. Ware. Coming Together in the Name of Jesus.

25. L. M. Bowring. Evening Worship.

26. L. M. W. H. Burleigh. Evening Worship.

27. P. M. Anonymous. "Teach Us To Pray."

28. S. M. Montgomery. "After This Manner Pray Ye."

29. C. M. C. Wesley. "Thy Kingdom Come."

30. 7s. M. *Conder. "Give Us Our Daily Bread."

31. C. M. *Montgomery. A Prayer.

32. C. M. Montgomery. A Prayer.

33. 11 & 10s. M. * For Divine Strength.

34. L. M. Gaskell. Seeking Strength.

35. C. M. Anonymous. Drawing Near to God.

36. L. M. W. Scott. The Pillar and Cloud.

37. C. M. Smart. Prayer for Wisdom.

38. L. M. Mrs. Cotterill. Living to the Glory of God.

39. L. M. Anonymous. The Peace of God.

40. 6 & 10s. M. Mrs. Hemans. The Heart's Inspiration.

41. C. M. H. Ware, Jr. For God's Presence.

42. C. M. Doddridge. Doing All to God.

43. C. M. Montgomery. Prayer for Wisdom.

44. L. M. H. Moore. Manliness and Freedom.

45. C. M. Methodist. Made Perfect in Love.

46. 11 & 10s. M. *J. F. Clarke. Prayer for Strength.

47. 8 & 7s. M. Ancient Hymns. Thrice Holy.

48. 7s. M. *Montgomery. Songs of Praise.

49. P. M. Heber. Thrice Holy.

50. C. M. Patrick. Te Deum.

51. 8 & 7s. M. Dublin Coll. Praise Ye the Lord.

52. P. M. *Bowring. Glad Homage.

53. 7s. M. J. Taylor. Glory to God.

54. 7s. M. Bowring. Lowly Praise.

55. P. M. Hogg. Praise to the God of Nature.

56. L. M. Anonymous. Perpetual Praise.

57. 7s. M. Gaskell. Doxology.

58. 8 & 7s. M. Bickersteth. Closing Hymn.

59. L. M. Chr. Psalmist. The Heavenly Guardian.

60. 8 & 7s. M. Sarah F. Adams. Peace be with You.

61. 8 & 7s. M. Anonymous. The Peace of God.

62. 7s. M. Beard's Coll. Prayer for Guidance.

63. L. M. Watts. Doxology.

64. 8 & 7s. M. Anonymous. Go in Peace.

65. C. M. Heber. The Seed of the Word.

66. L. M. Gaskell. Walking with God.

67. L. M. Doddridge. Christian Farewell.

68. C. M. Anonymous. For Guidance and Protection.

69. 7s. M. *Newton. God Ever Near.

70. 8, 7, & 4s. M. Anonymous. Dismission.


71. L. M. Lange. The Most High God.

72. 7s. M. Gaskell. The All-Seeing God.

73. 8 & 7s. M. Bowring. God is Truth and Love.

74. P. M. Anonymous. God is Love.

75. L. M. Sterling. Love Supreme in God.

76. L. M. * God Known Through Love.

77. 10s. M. Jones Very. God's Fatherly Care.

78. L. M. Bryant. Loving-Kindness of God.

79. 10s. M. Jones Very. God Not Afar Off.

80. C. M. Montgomery. The Earth Full of God

81. L. M. Pierpont. Every Place a Temple.

82. 7s. M. Methodist. God Everywhere Present.

83. L. M. Moore. God in All.

84. L. M. Moore. God's Presence in Nature.

85. C. M. Whittier. Nature's Worship.

86. L. M. H. M. Williams. God in Nature.

87. L. M. Wreford. God in His Works and Word.

88. L. M. Fox's Hymns. The Great Temple.

89. L. M. W. H. Burleigh. The Heavens Declare the Glory of God.

90. L. M. Bulfinch. Voice of God in the Soul.

91. C. M. Jones Very. The Light from Within.

92. 7s. M. Anonymous. Silent Worship.

93. 7 & 6s. M. Methodist. Quiet Worship.

94. C.M. Cowper. Retirement.

95. C. M. H. M. Williams. Habitual Devotion.

96. P. M. Moore. The Heart's Prayer.

97. 7 & 6s. M. Anonymous. Pray Without Ceasing.

98. 7s. M. Mrs. Hemans. All Must Pray.

99. C. M. Montgomery. What is Prayer?

100. L. M. Hart. Prayer the Life of the Soul.

101. C. M. Anonymous. Silent Prayer.


102. 7s. M. Bowring. Advent.

103. 11s. M. Drummond. "Prepare Ye the Way of the Lord!"

104. 8 & 7s. M. Gaskell. The Dayspring From on High.

105. C. M. Patrick. The Nativity.

106. C. M. E. H. Sears. The Birth-Song of Christ.

107. P. M. Mrs. Hemans. Hymn for Christmas.

108. 11 & 10s. M. Heber. Epiphany.

109. C. M. Doddridge. Mission of Christ.

110. C. M. Watts. Christ's Coming.

111. 7s. M. C. Wesley. The Star of Bethlehem.

112. S. M. Needham. The Prince of Peace.

113. L. M. Anonymous. Tempted As We Are.

114. 7s. M. Bulfinch. "The Works Which I Do Bear Witness of Me."

115. C. M. Mrs. Hemans. Christ Stilling the Tempest.

116. C. M. Bulfinch. The Pool of Bethesda.

117. C. M. Bulfinch. Christ Walking on the Sea.

118. P. M. Bowring. "He Was There Alone."

119. L. M. Bowring. Jesus Teaching the People.

120. 7s. M. Anonymous. The Mind Which Was in Christ Jesus.

121. 7s. M. Barbauld. Christ's Invitations.

122. C. M. Gaskell. Spirit of Jesus.

123. L. M. Bache. "Behold How He Loved Him."

124. L. M. A. C. Coxe. Divine Beauty of Christ's Character.

125. L. M. Brettell. The Life of Jesus.

126. P. M. Anonymous. He Had Not Where to Lay His Head.

127. L. M. Russell. Through His Poverty Made Rich.

128. L. M. *Gaskell. Christ The Sufferer.

129. L. M. Bulfinch. Christ The Sufferer.

130. L. M. Doddridge. "Thy Will, Not Mine, Be Done."

131. L. M. Anonymous. "Let This Cup Pass From Me."

132. C. H. M. Mrs. Hemans. The Agony in the Garden.

133. 6 & 10s. M. Bulfinch. Bearing the Cross.

134. 7s. M. Bulfinch. The Crucifixion.

135. P. M. W. J. Fox. Stabat Mater.

136. 7s. M. Bulfinch. "It Is Finished."

137. P. M. H. Ware. Easter Hymn.

138. 6 & 4s. M. Anonymous. "Let There Be Light."


139. C. M. Montgomery. "In Remembrance of Me."

140. P. M. Whittier. Watching with Jesus.

141. P. M. F. H. Hedge. Strength from the Cross.

142. 6 & 10s. M. *Mrs. Miles. Looking unto Jesus.

143. 7s. M. Montgomery. Made Perfect Through Suffering.

144. 7s. M. Anonymous. Strength Through Christ's Sufferings.

145. 8 & 7s. M. Bowring. Glorying in the Cross.

146. L. M. Emily Taylor. Looking to Jesus.

147. L. M. *Watts. The Divine Example.

148. 7s. M. Gaskell. Christ Who Strengtheneth Me.

149. C. M. Gaskell. Following After Jesus.

150. 11s. M. Whittier. Christ Present in the Spirit.

151. C. M. Emily Taylor. "I Pray Not for These Alone."

152. L. M. Gaskell. Bearing with Us the Dying of Jesus.

153. 7s. M. Pratt's Coll. Bread of Heaven.

154. L. M. Anonymous. The Presence of Jesus.

155. S. M. C. Wesley. Presence of Jesus.

156. 10s. M. T. Parker. Christ the Way, the Truth and the Life.

157. C. M. Anonymous. One in Christ.

158. C. M. Emily Taylor. Communion.

159. 8 & 7s. M. Anonymous. Invitation.

160. 11 & 10s. M. Anonymous. "Come unto Me."

161. 8, 7, & 4s. M. Anonymous. The Weary and Heavy-Laden.

162. P. M. Moore. Come, Ye Disconsolate.

163. C. M. Anonymous. Parting Hymn.

164. 6 & 10s. M. Briggs' Coll. Benediction.


165. C. M. Gaskell. The Heralds of the Cross.

166. 7s. M. *Johns. The Preachers of the Word.

167. S. M. Ancient Hymns. Thanks for all Saints.

168. S. M. Anonymous. The Word of God.

169. H. M. Doddridge. The Gospel.

170. S. M. Moore. Christianity.

171. L. M. Emily Taylor. Thy Kingdom Come!

172. C. M. Gaskell. Thy Kingdom Come!

173. S. M. *H. Martineau. The Coming of Christ in Power.

174. 6 & 4s. M. Marriott. Let There Be Light.

175. C. M. *Moore. The Latter Day.

176. L. M. Watts. Christ's Kingdom.

177. 10s. M. Ashworth. Triumph of the Gospel.

178. L. M. Anonymous. Hymn of the Church Triumphant.

179. C. M. Montgomery. Daughter of Zion.

180. 8 & 7s. M. Newton. The Church Everlasting.

181. L. M. Whittier. Christianity.

182. C. M. H. Martineau. Christian Equality.

183. C. M. Bulfinch. "That They May Be One."

184. S. M. Johns. Human Brotherhood.

185. C. M. Gaskell. Peace.

186. 7s. M. Milman. He Rebuked the Wind and the Sea.

187. L. M. * The Hope of Man.

188. 6s. M. Anonymous. Behold, He Cometh.

189. 7s. M. *Montgomery. The Liberty of the Sons of God.

190. P. M. H. Ware. Freedom.

191. C. M. *Whittier. The Reformers.

192. 8 & 7s. M. Cowper. The Kingdom of Heaven.


193. P. M. Sp. of Psalms. The Holy Spirit.

194. S. M. Anonymous. The Spirit Saith "Come!"

195. 7s. M. Anonymous. The Prodigal.

196. L. M. Beard's Coll. Turn, Child of Doubt.

197. 7s. M. Briggs' Coll. Come Home!

198. C. M. Whittier. The Call.

199. 11s. M. Anonymous. Acquaint Thee with God.

200. S. M. Johns. Thou Must Be Born Again.

201. 7s. M. *John Taylor. A Penitential Hymn.

202. 10s. M. Anonymous. The Broken Shield.

203. C. M. Furness. The Penitent Son.

204. 7s. M. Milman. Lord, Have Mercy.

205. L. M. * I Will Arise and Go unto My Father.

206. L. M. Flint's Coll. The Strength of the Erring.

207. C. M. *Wreford. Prayer for Increase of Faith.

208. C. M. Bartrum. My God, Remember Me.

209. C. M. Milman. Prayer for Help.

210. 7s. M. Russian. In Doubt.

211. C. M. Humphries. Good Lord, Remember Me.

212. P. M. Mrs. Follen. Lord, to Whom Shall We Go?

213. C. M. Bulfinch. Help Thou Our Unbelief.

214. 7s. M. Furness. Christ Who Strengtheneth Me.

215. L. M. Anonymous. Angels from Heaven Strengthening Him.

216. 7s. M. Montgomery. In Temptation.

217. 11 & 10s. M. Anonymous. Spiritual Blessings.

218. L. M. Montgomery. The Soul's Rest.

219. L. M. Moravian. Seeking God.

220. P. M. Anonymous. Lead Thou Me On!

221. L. M. Watts. Devout Retirement and Meditation.

222. L. M. Moravian. Aspiration.

223. L. M. C. Wesley. Spiritual Needs.

224. C. M. C. Wesley. Watchfulness.

225. S. M. C. Wesley. Spiritual Wants.

226. 7s. M. Montgomery. The Soul Thirsting for God.

227. S. M. Montgomery. Seeking Rest.

228. C. M. C. Wesley. There Remaineth a Rest for the People of God.

229. S. M. C. Wesley. Desire for Holiness.

230. C. P. M. Anonymous. Self-Renunciation.

231. S. M. Montgomery. Forever with the Lord.

232. L. M. Montgomery. Heaven.

233. L. M. Wesleyan. Desire for Union with God.

234. 7s. M. *Newton. For a Childlike Spirit.

235. S. M. Briggs' Coll. Walking with God.

236. L. M. Miss Bremer. Thirst for Living Waters.

237. P. M. Jones Very. Desires for God's Presence.

238. 7 & 6s. M. Anonymous. Aspiration.

239. P. M. Sarah F. Adams. Nearer to Thee.

240. S. M. Mme. Guion. Living Waters.

241. L. M. *Mrs. Steele. Self-Consecration.

242. L. M. Oberlin. Self-Dedication.

243. C. P. M. Jane Roscoe. Self-Consecration.

244. 12s. M. *Gaskell. The New Birth.

245. 8 & 7s. M. Episcopal Coll. Song of the Redeemed.

246. S. M. Bulfinch. Born Again.

247. 11s. M. Montgomery. God Our Shepherd.

248. 7s. M. Sp. of the Psalms. He Shall Give His Angels Charge over Thee.

249. L. M. German. The Child of God.

250. L. M. Gaskell. Faith in God's Love.

251. L. M. *Dyer. All Things Work for Good.

252. L. M. *Bowring. Resignation.

253. 7 & 6s. M. *C. Wesley. Trust.

254. S. M. Moravian. Reliance.

255. C. M. Alford. God Our Refuge.

256. S. M. Moravian. Be of Good Courage.

257. S. M. Anonymous. Rejoice in the Lord Alway.

258. S. M. *Doddridge. God Will Provide.

259. C. M. Cowper. The Mysteries of God's Providence.

260. C. M. Merrick. "He Knoweth What Ye Have Need Of."

261. L. M. Collett. Reliance.

262. C. M. Anonymous. Trust in the Lord.

263. P. M. Anonymous. Thy Will Be Done.

264. L. M. Sarah F. Adams. Thy Will Be Done!

265. P. M. Bowring. Thy Will Be Done!

266. L. M. Mrs. Gilman. A Father's Care.

267. 7s. M. Heber. Consider the Lilies.

268. 10s. M. Jones Very. The Son.

269. 7s. M. Bowring. "Father! Glorify Thy Name!"

270. L. M. C. Wesley. God Leads Us Right.

271. 7s. M. *Cowper. The Cross.

272. 8 & 7s. M. Anonymous. Taking up the Cross.

273. C. M. Moore. Faith.

274. C. M. Sarah F. Adams. The Strength of Hope.

275. C. M. Chr. Register. Faith Triumphant Over Sorrow.

276. L. M. Jane Roscoe. The Bitter Cup.

277. S. M. Doddridge. I Say unto You, Watch!

278. P. M. Whittier. Patience.

279. L. M. Wotton. Independence.

280. S.M. Johns. Purity.

281. S. M. Keble. The Pure in Heart.

282. 10s. M. Anonymous. "If He Giveth Quiet, Who Can Make Trouble?"

283. L. M. Jane Roscoe. Judge Not.

284. C. M. Miss Fletcher. Kindly Judgment.

285. C. M. Anonymous. Speak Gently.

286. C. M. Jones Very. Kind Words.

287. C. M. Anonymous. "Neither Do I Condemn Thee."

288. L. M. Scott. Charitable Judgment.

289. 9 & 4s. M. Bowring. The Spirit Giveth Life.


290. P. M. Bulfinch. Prayer and Action.

291. L. M. Drummond. Faith and Works.

292. 7s. M. W. Roscoe. The Golden Rule.

293. C. M. Peabody. Who Is My Neighbor?

294. C. M. R. C. Trench. The Law of Love.

295. C. M. Anonymous. Words and Deeds.

296. P. M. Anonymous. Heaven on Earth.

297. C. H. M. Barton. Blessed Are Ye That Sow Beside All Waters.

298. 10s. M. Mrs. Case. Love On!


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