The Gospel of Thomas
The Gospel of Thomas

Alexander Walker, Esq. (Translator)
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First Greek Form.

Second Greek Form.


Chapter I.--How Mary and Joseph Fled with Him into Egypt.

Chapter II.--How a Schoolmaster Thrust Him Out of the City.

Chapter III.--How Jesus Went Out of Egypt.

Chapter IV.--What the Lord Jesus Did in the City of Nazareth.

Chapter V.--How the Citizens Were Enraged Against Joseph on Account of the Doings of Jesus.

Chapter VI.--How Jesus Was Treated by the Schoolmaster.

Chapter VII.--How Jesus Raised a Boy to Life.

Chapter VIII.--How Jesus Healed a Boy's Foot.

Chapter IX.--How Jesus Carried Water in a Cloak.

Chapter X.--How Jesus Sowed Wheat.

Chapter XI.--How Jesus Made a Short Piece of Wood of the Same Length as a Longer One.

Chapter XII.--How Jesus Was Handed Over to Learn His Letters.

Chapter XIII.--How He Was Handed Over to Another Master.

Chapter XIV.--How Jesus Delivered James from the Bite of a Serpent.

Chapter XV.--How Jesus Raised a Boy to Life.

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The Gospel of Thomas
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