Epistle of Peter to James
Epistle of Peter to James
Pseudo-Clementine Literature

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Introductory Notice to The Clementine Homilies. [By the Rev. Thomas Smith, D.D.]

Epistle of Peter to James.


Chapter I.--Doctrine of Reserve.

Chapter II.--Misrepresentation of Peter's Doctrine.

Chapter III.--Initiation.

Chapter IV.--An Adjuration Concerning the Receivers of the Book.

Chapter V.--The Adjuration Accepted.

cEpistle of Clement to James.

Chapter II.--Ordination of Clement.

Chapter III.--Nolo Episcopari.

Chapter IV.--The Recompense of the Reward.

Chapter V.--A Charge.

Chapter VI.--The Duty of a Bishop.

Chapter VII.--Duties of Presbyters.

Chapter VIII.--"Do Good Unto All?"

Chapter IX.--"Let Brotherly Love Continue."

Chapter X.--"Whatsoever Things are Honest."

Chapter XI.--Doubts to Be Satisfied.

Chapter XII.--Duties of Deacons.

Chapter XIII.--Duties of Catechists.

Chapter XIV.--The Vessel of the Church.

Chapter XV.--Incidents of the Voyage.

Chapter XVI.--The Bishop's Labours and Reward.

Chapter XVII.--The People's Duties.

Chapter XVIII.--"As a Heathen Man and a Publican."

Chapter XIX.--Installation of Clement.

Chapter XX.--Clement's Obedience.

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Epistle of Peter to James
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