On the Veiling of Virgins

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Chapter I.--Truth Rather to Be Appealed to Than Custom, and Truth Progressive in Its Developments.

Chapter II.--Before Proceeding Farther, Let the Question of Custom Itself Be Sifted.

Chapter III.--Gradual Development of Custom, and Its Results. Passionate Appeal to Truth.

Chapter IV.--Of the Argument Drawn from 1 Cor. XI. 5-16.

Chapter V.--Of the Word Woman, Especially in Connection with Its Application to Eve.

Chapter VI.--The Parallel Case of Mary Considered.

Chapter VII.--Of the Reasons Assigned by the Apostle for Bidding Women to Be Veiled.

Chapter VIII.--The Argument E Contrario.

Chapter IX.--Veiling Consistent with the Other Rules of Discipline Observed by Virgins and Women in General.

Chapter X.--If the Female Virgins are to Be Thus Conspicuous, Why Not the Male as Well?

Chapter XI.--The Rule of Veiling Not Applicable to Children.

Chapter XII.--Womanhood Self-Evident, and Not to Be Concealed by Just Leaving the Head Bare.

Chapter XIII.--If Unveiling Be Proper, Why Not Practise It Always, Out of the Church as Well as in It?

Chapter XIV.--Perils to the Virgins Themselves Attendant Upon Not-Veiling.

Chapter XV.--Of Fascination.

Chapter XVI.--Tertullian, Having Shown His Defence to Be Consistent with Scripture, Nature, and Discipline, Appeals to the Virgins Themselves.

Chapter XVII.--An Appeal to the Married Women.


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