On Repentance
On Repentance

Translated by Rev. S. Thelwall
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Chapter I.--Of Heathen Repentance.

Chapter II.--True Repentance a Thing Divine, Originated by God, and Subject to His Laws.

Chapter III.--Sins May Be Divided into Corporeal and Spiritual Both Equally Subject, If Not to Human, Yet to Divine Investigation and Punishment.

Chapter IV.--Repentance Applicable to All the Kinds of Sin To Be Practised Not Only, Nor Chiefly, for the Good It Brings, But Because God Commands It.

Chapter V.--Sin Never to Be Returned to After Repentance.

Chapter VI.--Baptism Not to Be Presumptously Received It Requires Preceding Repentance, Manifested by Amendment of Life.

Chapter VII.--Of Repentance, in the Case of Such as Have Lapsed After Baptism.

Chapter VIII.--Examples from Scripture to Prove the Lord's Willingness to Pardon.

Chapter IX.--Concerning the Outward Manifestations by Which This Second Repentance is to Be Accompanied.

Chapter X.--Of Men's Shrinking from This Second Repentance and Exomologesis, and of the Unreasonableness of Such Shrinking.

Chapter XI.--Further Strictures on the Same Subject.

Chapter XII.--Final Considerations to Induce to Exomologesis.


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On Repentance
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