On Prayer
On Prayer

Translated by Rev. S. Thelwall
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Title Page

Chapter I.--General Introduction.

Chapter II.--The First Clause.

Chapter III.--The Second Clause.

Chapter IV.--The Third Clause.

Chapter V.--The Fourth Clause.

Chapter VI.--The Fifth Clause.

Chapter VII.--The Sixth Clause.

Chapter VIII.--The Seventh or Final Clause.

Chapter IX.--Recapitulation.

Chapter X.--We May Superadd Prayers of Our Own to the Lord's Prayer.

Chapter XI.--When Praying the Father, You are Not to Be Angry with a Brother.

Chapter XII.--We Must Be Free Likewise from All Mental Perturbation.

Chapter XIII.--Of Washing the Hands.

Chapter XIV.--Apostrophe.

Chapter XV.--Of Putting Off Cloaks.

Chapter XVI.--Of Sitting After Prayer.

Chapter XVII.--Of Elevated Hands.

Chapter XVIII.--Of the Kiss of Peace.

Chapter XIX.--Of Stations.

Chapter XX.--Of Women's Dress.

Chapter XXI.--Of Virgins.

Chapter XXII.--Answer to the Foregoing Arguments.

Chapter XXIII.--Of Kneeling.

Chapter XXIV.--Of Place for Prayer.

Chapter XXV.--Of Time for Prayer.

Chapter XXVI.--Of the Parting of Brethren.

Chapter XXVII.--Of Subjoining a Psalm.

Chapter XXVIII.--Of the Spiritual Victim, Which Prayer is.

Chapter XXIX.--Of the Power of Prayer.

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On Prayer
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