On Exhortation to Chastity

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Chapter I.--Introduction. Virginity Classified Under Three Several Species.

Chapter II.--The Blame of Our Misdeeds Not to Be Cast Upon God The One Power Which Rests with Man is the Power of Volition.

Chapter III.--Of Indulgence and Pure Volition. The Question Illustrated.

Chapter IV.--Further Remarks Upon the Apostle's Language.

Chapter V.--Unity of Marriage Taught by Its First Institution, and by the Apostle's Application of that Primal Type to Christ and the Church.

Chapter VI.--The Objection from the Polygamy of the Patriarchs Answered.

Chapter VII.--Even the Old Discipline Was Not Without Precedents to Enforce Monogamy But in This as in Other Respects, the New Has Brought in a Higher Perfection.

Chapter VIII.--If It Be Granted that Second Marriage is Lawful, Yet All Things Lawful are Not Expedient.

Chapter IX.--Second Marriage a Species of Adultery, Marriage Itself Impugned, as Akin to Adultery.

Chapter X.--Application of the Subject. Advantages of Widowhood.

Chapter XI.--The More the Wives, the Greater the Distraction of the Spirit.

Chapter XII.--Excuses Commonly Urged in Defence of Second Marriage Their Futility, Especially in the Case of Christians, Pointed Out.

Chapter XIII.--Examples from Among the Heathen, as Well as from the Church, to Enforce the Foregoing Exhortation.


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