On Baptism

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Chapter I.--Introduction. Origin of the Treatise.

Chapter II.--The Very Simplicity of God's Means of Working, a Stumbling-Block to the Carnal Mind.

Chapter III.--Water Chosen as a Vehicle of Divine Operation and Wherefore Its Prominence First of All in Creation.

Chapter IV.--The Primeval Hovering of the Spirit of God Over the Waters Typical of Baptism. The Universal Element of Water Thus Made a Channel of Sanctification. Resemblance Between the Outward Sign and the Inward Grace.

Chapter V.--Use Made of Water by the Heathen Type of the Angel at the Pool of Bethsaida.

Chapter VI.--The Angel the Forerunner of the Holy Spirit Meaning Contained in the Baptismal Formula.

Chapter VII.--Of the Unction.

Chapter VIII.--Of the Imposition of Hands. Types of the Deluge and the Dove.

Chapter IX.--Types of the Red Sea, and the Water from the Rock.

Chapter X.--Of John's Baptism.

Chapter XI.--Answer to the Objection that "The Lord Did Not Baptize."

Chapter XII.--Of the Necessity of Baptism to Salvation.

Chapter XIII.--Another Objection: Abraham Pleased God Without Being Baptized Answer Thereto. Old Things Must Give Place to New, and Baptism is Now a Law.

Chapter XIV.--Of Paul's Assertion, that He Had Not Been Sent to Baptize.

Chapter XV.--Unity of Baptism. Remarks on Heretical And Jewish Baptism.

Chapter XVI.--Of the Second Baptism--With Blood.

Chapter XVII.--Of the Power of Conferring Baptism.

Chapter XVIII.--Of the Persons to Whom, and the Time When, Baptism is to Be Administered.

Chapter XIX.--Of the Times Most Suitable for Baptism.

Chapter XX.--Of Preparation For, and Conduct After, the Reception of Baptism.


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