The Martyrdom of the Holy Polycarp
The Martyrdom of the Holy Polycarp
Church at Smyrna

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Internal evidence goes far to establish the credit which Eusebius lends


Chapter I.--Subject of which we write.

Chapter II.--The wonderful constancy of the martyrs.

Chapter III.--The constancy of Germanicus. The death of Polycarp is demanded.

Chapter IV.--Quintus the apostate.

Chapter V.--The departure and vision of Polycarp.

Chapter VI.--Polycarp is betrayed by a servant.

Chapter VII.--Polycarp is found by his pursuers.

Chapter VIII.--Polycarp is brought into the city.

Chapter IX.--Polycarp refuses to revile Christ.

Chapter X.--Polycarp confesses himself a Christian.

Chapter XI.--No threats have any effect on Polycarp.

Chapter XII.--Polycarp is sentenced to be burned.

Chapter XIII.--The funeral pile is erected.

Chapter XIV.--The prayer of Polycarp.

Chapter XV.--Polycarp is not injured by the fire.

Chapter XVI.--Polycarp is pierced by a dagger.

Chapter XVII.--The Christians are refused Polycarp's body.

Chapter XVIII.--The body of Polycarp is burned.

Chapter XIX.--Praise of the martyr Polycarp.

Chapter XX.--This epistle is to be transmitted to the brethren.

Chapter XXI.--The date of the martyrdom.

Chapter XXII.--Salutation.

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The Martyrdom of the Holy Polycarp
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