The Life of Jesus of Nazareth

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Part I. Preparatory

I The Historical Situation

II Sources of Our Knowledge Of Jesus

III The Harmony of the Gospels

IV The Chronology

V The Early Years of Jesus

VI John The Baptist

VII The Messianic Call

VIII The First Disciples

Part II. The Ministry

I General Survey of the Ministry 106. The attempt to arrange an orderly account of the way in which Jesus set about the work to which he was called at his baptism is met at the outset by a problem. The vivid and familiar words of Mark (i. 14)

II The Early Ministry in Judea

III The Ministry In Galilee--its Aim And Method

IV The Ministry in Galilee--The New Lesson

V The Journey through Perea to Jerusalem

VI The Final Controversies in Jerusalem

VII The Last Supper

VIII The Shadow of Death

Part III. The Minister

I The Friend of Men 223. In nothing does the contrast between Jesus and John the Baptist appear more clearly than in their attitude towards common social life. John had his training and did his work apart from the homes of men. The wilderness was his chosen and fit scene of labor. From this solitude he sent forth his summons and warning to his people. They who sought him for fuller teaching went after him and found him where he was. They then returned to their homes and their work

II The Teacher with Authority

III Jesus' Knowledge of Truth

IV Jesus' Conception of Himself




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