Origen De Principiis

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Introductory Notes

Introductory Note to the Works of Origen.

The works of the Adamantinus: (1) Exegetical Works.

(2) Critical Works.

(3) Apologetical Works.

(4) Dogmatic Works.

(5) Practical Works.

(6) Editions of Origin.

Prefatory Notice to Origen's Works.

Prologue of Rufinus.

Origen De Principiis.

Book I.

Chapter I.--On God.

Chapter II.--On Christ.

Chapter III.--On the Holy Spirit.

Chapter IV.--On Defection, or Falling Away.

Chapter V.--On Rational Natures.

Chapter VI.--On the End or Consummation.

Chapter VII.--On Incorporeal and Corporeal Beings.

Chapter VIII.--On the Angels.

Fragment from the First Book of the de Principiis.

Another Fragment from the Same.

Book II.

Chapter I.--On the World.

Chapter II.--On the Perpetuity of Bodily Nature.

Chapter III.--On the Beginning of the World, and Its Causes.

Chapter IV.--The God of the Law and the Prophets, and the Father of Our Lord Jesus Christ, is the Same God.

Chapter V.--On Justice and Goodness.

Chapter VI.--On the Incarnation of Christ.

Chapter VII.--On the Holy Spirit.

Chapter VIII.--On the Soul (Anima).

Chapter IX.--On the World and the Movements of Rational Creatures, Whether Good or Bad; And on the Causes of Them.

Chapter X.--On the Resurrection, and the Judgment, the Fire of Hell, and Punishments.

Chapter XI.--On Counter Promises.

Book III.

Preface of Rufinus.

Translated from Latin of Rufinus.

Translation from the Greek.

Chapter II.--On the Opposing Powers.

Chapter III.--On Threefold Wisdom.

Chapter IV.--On Human Temptations.

Chapter V.--That the World Took Its Beginning in Time.

Chapter VI.--On the End of the World.

Book IV. Translated from the Latin of Rufinus.

Chapter I.--That the Scriptures are Divinely Inspired.

Translated from the Greek.

From the Latin.


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