Communion with the Saints in Glory.
John Newton


Communion with the saints in glory.

Refreshed by the bread and wine,

The pledges of our Savior's love;

Now let our hearts and voices join

In songs of praise with those above.

Do they sing, "Worthy is the Lamb?"

Although we cannot reach their strains,

Yet we, through grace, can sing the same,

For us he died, for us he reigns.

If they behold him face to face,

While we a glimpse can only see;

Yet equal debtors to his grace,

As safe and as beloved are we.

They had, like us a suff'ring time,

Our cares and fears, and griefs they knew;

But they have conquered all through him,

And we, ere long, shall conquer too.

Though all the songs of saints in light,

Are far beneath his matchless worth;

His grace is such, he will not slight

The poor attempts of worms on earth.

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