Supplies in the Wilderness.
John Newton


Supplies in the wilderness.

When Israel by divine command

The pathless desert trod;

They found, though 'twas a barren land,

A sure resource in God.

A cloudy pillar marked their road,

And screened them from the heat;

From the hard rocks their water flowed,

And Manna was their meat.

Like them we have a rest in view,

Secure from adverse pow'rs;

Like them we pass a desert too,

But Israel's God is ours.

Yes, in this barren wilderness

He is to us the same;

By his appointed means of grace,

As once he was to them.

His word a light before us spreads

By which our path we see;

His love a banner o'er our head,

From harm preserves us free.

Lord, 'tis enough; I ask no more,

These blessings are divine;

I envy not the worldling's store,

If CHRIST and heav'n are mine.

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