Messiah Vol. 2
Messiah Vol. 2
John Newton

Table of Contents

Title Page

Sermon XXVI The Ascension of Messiah to Glory

Sermon XXVII Messiah the Son of God

Sermon XXVIII Messiah Worshipped By Angels

Sermon XXIX Gifts Received for the Rebellious

Sermon XXX The Publication of the Gospel

Sermon XXXI The Gospel Message, Good Tidings

Sermon XXXII The Progress of the Gospel

Sermon XXXIII Opposition to Messiah Unreasonable

Sermon XXXIV Opposition to Messiah in Vain

Sermon XXXV Opposition to Messiah Ruinous

Sermon XXXVI The Lord Reigneth

Sermon XXXVII The Extent of Messiah's Spiritual Kingdom

Sermon XXXVIII King of Kings and Lord of Lords

Sermon XXXIX Job's Faith and Expectation

Sermon XL The Lord is Risen Indeed

Sermon XLI. Death By Adam, Life By Christ

Sermon XLII. The General Resurrection

Sermon XLIII Death Swallowed Up in Victory

Sermon XLIV. Triumph Over Death and the Grave

Sermon XLV. Divine Support and Protection

Sermon XLVI. Accusers Challenged

Sermon XLVII. The Intercession of Christ

Sermon XLVIII. The Song of the Redeemed

Sermon XLIX. The Chorus of Angels

Sermon L. The Universal Chorus

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Messiah Vol. 2
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