The Two Covenants
The Two Covenants
Andrew Murray

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Chapter I. A Covenant God

Chapter II. The Two Covenants: Their Relation

Chapter III. The First Covenant

Chapter IV. The New Covenant

Chapter V. The Two Covenants--in Christian Experience

Chapter VI. The Everlasting Covenant of the Spirit

Chapter VII. The New Covenant: A Ministration of the Spirit

Chapter VIII. The Two Covenants: the Transition

Chapter IX. The Blood of the Covenant

Chapter X. Jesus, the Mediator of the New Covenant

Chapter XI. Jesus, the Surety of a Better Covenant

Chapter XII. The Book of the Covenant

Chapter XIII. New Covenant Obedience

Chapter XIV. The New Covenant: a Covenant of Grace

Chapter XV. The Covenant of an Everlasting Priesthood

Chapter XVI. The Ministry of the New Covenant

Chapter XVII. His Holy Covenant

Chapter XVIII. Entering the Covenant: with all the Heart



NOTE B.--CHAP. IV The Law written in the Heart

NOTE C.--CHAP. VII George Muller and his Second Conversion

NOTE D.--CHAP. X Canon Battersby

NOTE E.--CHAP. VIII Nothing of Myself

NOTE F.--CHAP. XVIII The Whole Heart

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The Two Covenants
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