Subject Index
Abraham's walk with God, [10]h039

Adoration of the Creator, [11]h001, [12]h022

Adult schools, [13]h348

Affliction, [14]h179, [15]h182

After Divine Service, [16]h355

All ages praising God, [17]h350

Almightiness of God, [18]h031

Angels and men, [19]h035

Angels and men praising God, [20]h091

Anniversary, [21]h251

Appeal from children, [22]h312

Ark of safety, [23]h019, [24]h020

Ascension day, [25]h134

Ask and receive, [26]h112

Assurance of hope, [27]h174

Babel, [28]h021

Backslider returning to God, [29]h171

Barnabas, [30]h138

Believing trust in Jehovah, [31]h197

Bereavement, [32]h178

Bethlehem, [33]h052

Bible, [34]h024, [35]h026

Birds and flowers, [36]h277

Birth, Death, and Judgment, [37]h218

Birthday, [38]h247

Body and soul, [39]h223

Brotherly love, [40]h199

Burial Ground, preparation of, [41]h303

Calvary, [42]h050, [43]h057, [44]h060


of Wesleyan Methodism, [45]h252

of a Christian Church, [46]h202

of a Christian Sisterhood, [47]h332

of the Brethren's Eldership and Missions, [48]h273

of the Moravian Church, [49]h271

of the United Brethren at Hernhut, [50]h272

Change and progression, [51]h147

Charity, [52]h137, [53]h164

School, [54]h345


appeal from poor, [55]h312

numbering their days, [56]h328

praising God, [57]h334

praying for grace, [58]h316

scriptural examples of, [59]h331

worshipping God, [60]h347, [61]h349

China evangelized, [62]h265


confession and supplication during prevalence of, [63]h290

thanksgiving for removal of, [64]h291, [65]h292

visitation of, [66]h289


He saved others, c., [67]h125

His fight and conquest, [68]h158

amidst His people, [69]h131

birth of, [70]h033, [71]h052, [72]h090

died for sinners, [73]h125

in various characters, [74]h165

names and offices of, [75]h017

our example in suffering, [76]h060, [77]h126

renewal in image of, [78]h166

the Friend of children, [79]h315

the Prince of peace, [80]h059

walking with, [81]h315


love to children, [82]h326

mission, [83]h058

universal reign, [84]h266, [85]h267


Israel, [86]h055

confidence and stability, [87]h335

graces, [88]h164

soldier, [89]h043, [90]h331

unity and peace, [91]h007

Christmas, [92]h250

Church, [93]h264

a lighthouse, [94]h143

consecration of, [95]h295

glorious and impregnable, [96]h201

its peace and prosperity, [97]h100

militant and triumphant, [98]h200

on laying foundation stone of, [99]h294

the universal, [100]h139

Close of the year, [101]h284

Closet prayer, [102]h078

Communion of saints, [103]h109, [104]h114

Complaint, [105]h181

Confession and repentance, [106]h173

Covenant of peace, [107]h110

Covenanting with God, [108]h038, [109]h124

Creation, [110]h002, [111]h003

God seen in, [112]h004

all invites to worship God, [113]h012

Creator-Spirit, [114]h018

Daily prayer, [115]h080

David, [116]h331

Day of grace, [117]h118

after Judgment, [118]h236

Day's journey, prayer for, [119]h192

Deafness, [120]h243

Death, [121]h230

and sin conquered, [122]h232

support in, [123]h231


from captivity, [124]h045

from malignant disease, [125]h045

from perils at sea, [126]h045

from trouble, [127]h190

in the wilderness, [128]h045

of God's people, [129]h045

Deluge, escape from, [130]h020

Despondency, [131]h184

corrected, [132]h185

Doxologies, [133]h334, [134]h356

Earth, full of God's goodness, [135]h010

Erection of a Sunday School, [136]h313

Eternity, [137]h238

Evening thoughts, [138]h081


trials of, [139]h176

walk of, [140]h167

Faith, Hope and Charity, [141]h164

Fall and restoration of man, [142]h013, [143]h014, [144]h016


altar, [145]h206

table, [146]h207

Farewell to a missionary, [147]h254


Christian, symbols of, [148]h152

Church, reception into, [149]h150

bond of, [150]h155

of heavenly travellers, [151]h153

of saints, [152]h149

Female Friendly Society, [153]h285

Fervent supplication, [154]h082

Field of the world, [155]h258

Flight of time, [156]h222

Flock of Christ, [157]h054, [158]h161, [159]h343

Flood, [160]h019

For ever with the Lord, [161]h234, [162]h238

Garden thoughts, [163]h259


exhorted to praise God, [164]h087

gathering of, [165]h256

Gethsemane, [166]h060, [167]h129

Gifts and graces, [168]h137, [169]h164

Gloria Patri, [170]h353

Glory to God in songs of praise, [171]h090


guards his people, [172]h145

in all things, [173]h004, [174]h005, [175]h022

long-suffering of, [176]h047

majesty of, [177]h041

universally worshipped, [178]h092


blessing to Abraham, [179]h039

image in his saints, [180]h186

law, [181]h027

mercy, [182]h188

providence and goodness to children, [183]h327

Good Shepherd, [184]h040, [185]h054, [186]h103, [187]h161, [188]h305, [189]h306, [190]h343

Gospel blessings, [191]h283

Grace and glory, [192]h163

Of Jesus Christ, [193]h124

day of, [194]h118

Grave, [195]h308

Gypsies, call to, [196]h242

Hallelujah!, [197]h094, [198]h310

Happiness in Christ, [199]h314

Harvest, [200]h278, [201]h279

of both worlds, [202]h282


contrition of, [203]h065

given to God, [204]h168, [205]h318


antepast of, [206]h229

in prospect, [207]h157

invitation to go to, [208]h119

on earth, [209]h228

preparation for, [210]h227

the saints' Home, [211]h234

Heavenly longings, [212]h132

Heritage of God's people, [213]h051, [214]h195

Holy Scriptures, [215]h025

Horeb, [216]h048

Hosanna to Christ, [217]h325, [218]h336, [219]h339

Hospital, public, [220]h286, [221]h287

Humiliation of Christ, [222]h124

Humility, [223]h187, [224]h319

Image of Christ, [225]h122, [226]h166, [227]h177

Infant School, [228]h342

Isaac, [229]h331

Israel, restoration of, [230]h241


name of, [231]h034, [232]h075

our pattern, [233]h126

Jews, invitation to, [234]h240

Joseph, [235]h331


hymn, [236]h094

of Baptist Missionary Society, [237]h269

of Christian Sisterhood, [238]h332

of Church Missionary Society, [239]h270

of London Missionary Society, [240]h261

of Religious Tract Society, [241]h274

of Sunday School Union, [242]h340, [243]h341, [244]h352

of a minister, [245]h310

year of, [246]h263

Juvenile Missionary Meeting, [247]h258

Labrador, [248]h273

Lapse and improvement of time, [249]h203

Laying foundation stone

of a church, [250]h294

of a church and cemetery, [251]h298

of a place of worship, [252]h296, [253]h300

Life and death, [254]h214

and judgment, [255]h215, [256]h218, [257]h233

preparation for, [258]h221

Life's eternal issues, [259]h219

Light and truth, [260]h037

natural and spiritual, [261]h321

Lighthouse, [262]h143

Living and dead, their states, [263]h226

Lord's Day worship, [264]h095, [265]h114

Prayer, [266]h063, [267]h140

Supper, [268]h129, [269]h130

Love to the triune God, [270]h175

Lovest thou Me?, [271]h191

Loxley, [272]h339

Luther, [273]h253

Mariners, [274]h244

Mary Magdalene, [275]h053

mother of Jesus, [276]h053

sister of Lazarus, [277]h053

Mary's choice, [278]h144

Mercies acknowledged, [279]h204

Messenger of peace, [280]h305

Messiah manifested, [281]h033, [282]h058

Messiah's peaceful triumphs, [283]h253

Midnight, [284]h212

Millennial anticipations, [285]h266, [286]h268


appointment of, [287]h305

death of, [288]h307, [289]h308, [290]h309, [291]h311

Ministers, meeting of, [292]h306


death of a, [293]h264

success, [294]h260

work, [295]h255, [296]h259

Moment, the value of, [297]h224

Morning, [298]h208, [299]h209, [300]h210

Moses, [301]h331

death of, [302]h049

in the desert, [303]h048

Naaman, [304]h331

Name above every name, [305]h075

Nativity of Christ, [306]h093, [307]h239


and grace progressive, [308]h147

voices of, [309]h243

Neff, Felix, hymn of, [310]h225

, [311]h262

New creation, [312]h018

Night thoughts, [313]h213

Noon, [314]h211

Old age, [315]h220

Old and Young Praising God, [316]h336

Omnipotence of God, [317]h145

Omnipresence of God, [318]h042

Omniscience of God, [319]h030, [320]h042, [321]h117


a chapel and Sunday school, [322]h304

of a place of worship, [323]h297, [324]h299, [325]h301

Organ, for opening of an, [326]h302

Orphan Asylum, [327]h344

Our Master Jesus, [328]h262

Parents and family of mankind, [329]h013

Parting of Christian friends, [330]h135

Past and present, [331]h185

present, future, [332]h216

Peace of mind, [333]h177

invitation to, [334]h245

Pentecost, [335]h136, [336]h251, [337]h322

Pilgrimage of life, [338]h026, [339]h055, [340]h147, [341]h153, [342]h169

prayers on, [343]h193

Pisgah-vision, [344]h049

Praise and thanksgiving, [345]h086


acceptance and guidance in, [346]h077

closet, [347]h078

confidence in, [348]h076

daily, [349]h080

exercise of faith in, [350]h067

for Christ-likeness, [351]h111

for Divine manifestations, [352]h196

for Divine mercy, [353]h173

for a blessing on the Word, [354]h098

for a change of heart, [355]h160

for an aged minister, [356]h309

for an obedient heart, [357]h318

for bread, in time of scarcity, [358]h276

for grace in self-knowledge, [359]h108, [360]h169

for gracious obedience, [361]h083

for humility, [362]h187

for peace of mind, [363]h177

for preservation from sinful words, [364]h330

for spiritual assistance, [365]h159

for spiritual blessings, [366]h320

for the Holy Spirit's influence, [367]h084

in affliction, [368]h179, [369]h182

in bereavement, [370]h178

perseverance in, [371]h074

pleading in, [372]h073

preparation of heart for, [373]h065

resolution in, [374]h066

scriptural examples of, [375]h069

the Lord's, [376]h063, [377]h140

through Christ alone, [378]h068, [379]h075

to give the heart to God, [380]h148

wants and wishes in, [381]h064

what it is, [382]h062

Prayers, our Saviour's, [383]h071

Prince of Peace, [384]h059

Prisoner of the Lord, [385]h183

Promised land, [386]h049

Providence, [387]h022, [388]h141, [389]h205

Divine, chooses our lot, [390]h146

and grace, [391]h142

Public worship, [392]h098, [393]h099, [394]h101, [395]h103, [396]h105, [397]h106

Ragged Schools, [398]h346

Recovery from drowning, [399]h288

Redeemer, a refuge of safety, [400]h031

Redemption, gratitude for, [401]h123

Resignation, [402]h085

Rest for the soul, [403]h023


Christ's, [404]h128

power of, [405]h127

Rivelin, [406]h339

Ruth, [407]h331


in a sick chamber, [408]h183

on earth and in heaven, [409]h351

rest, [410]h011

schools, [411]h351

universal, [412]h268

vows, [413]h139

worship in the sanctuary, [414]h102

Saints and sinners, [415]h235

Samuel, [416]h331

School, erection of, [417]h313

Schools, National and British, [418]h343

Scriptural examples for the young, [419]h331

Seeking the Lord, [420]h121


deception, [421]h036

discoveries, [422]h170

knowledge, [423]h169

Separation on earth, re-union in heaven, [424]h338

Sheffield Infirmary, [425]h286

Sick chamber meditation, [426]h183

Sin, its universality, [427]h032

Sinai, [428]h050

Solomon's prayer, [429]h070


of saints in glory, [430]h157, [431]h238

of songs, [432]h089

Soul, the, [433]h008

deception of the, [434]h036

ransomed by death of Christ, [435]h315

temple of the, [436]h009

Spirit and Word of God, [437]h257

Spiritual worship, [438]h104

Still small voice, the, [439]h198

Sunday School

anniversary, [440]h337

evening song for, [441]h120

meeting, [442]h322

teacher, death of, [443]h333

union, [444]h324

Surrender of all to God, [445]h180

Tabor, [446]h050

Te Deum Laudamus, [447]h093

Teacher, [448]h305

death of a, [449]h333

Testimonies of God, [450]h041

Thanksgiving for harvest, [451]h279


Marys, [452]h053

mountains, [453]h050

Time, life, and man, [454]h217

past, present, future, [455]h046

To-day, [456]h222

Tongue, government of the, [457]h329

Tribulation and prayer, [458]h172

Trinity worshipped, [459]h175, [460]h195

Trumpet of salvation, [461]h044

Trust in the Lord, [462]h189

Union, Christian, symbolized, [463]h154

Unity in faith, hope, and feeling, [464]h323

Vain confidence, [465]h036

Vows and prayers of youth, [466]h317

Wadsley Church Schools, [467]h339

Waiting upon God, [468]h097, [469]h108, [470]h115, [471]h116

Walk of faith, [472]h167

War and peace, [473]h044, [474]h088

Warrior, Christian, [475]h043

Watch and pray, [476]h162

Watchman, [477]h305

Waters of life, [478]h056, [479]h057

Wharncliffe, [480]h339

Whitsuntide, [481]h322

Wisdom, [482]h029, [483]h351

prayer for, [484]h037, [485]h070, [486]h072

Word of God, [487]h028, [488]h117

Working for God, [489]h156

Worthy the Lamb, [490]h089

Young and old praising God, [491]h336

Youth vowing to serve the Lord, [492]h317

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