The Word of God in all Its Power.

James Montgomery

The Word of God in all its power.

The Word of God, the Word of truth,

Instruct our childhood, guide our youth,

Uphold us through life's middle stage,

And be our comfort in old age!

'Twas by that Word the heavens were made,

By it the earth's foundations laid;

All things that are on it depend,

Their source and stay, their rule and end.

By it Jehovah gave His law,

Midst sounds of terror, sights of awe;

By it the holy men of old

A better covenant foretold.

Christ Jesus came, Himself "the Word;"

His voice the powers of nature heard,

In servant's form, they knew His call,

The Son of God, the Lord of all.

The Word of mercy which He brought,

The Word of wisdom which He taught,

His Word of grace, so full, so free,

Our hope, our joy, our portion be.

That Word, if early doom'd to death,

Revive us at our latest breath,

And when our souls in judgment stand,

Decree our place at God's right hand.

hymn xxvii the law and
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