The Long-Suffering, Loving-Kindness, and Tender-Mercies of God. --Ps. Ciii.

James Montgomery

The Long-suffering, Loving-kindness, and Tender-mercies of God. -- Ps. ciii.

O my soul! with all thy powers,

Bless the Lord's most holy name;

O my soul! till life's last hours,

Bless the Lord, His praise proclaim;

Thine infirmities He heal'd,

He thy peace and pardon seal'd.

He with loving-kindness crown'd thee,

Satisfied thy mouth with good,

From the snares of death unbound thee,

Eagle-like thy youth renew'd:

Rich in tender mercy He,

Slow to wrath, to favour free.

He will not retain displeasure,

Though awhile He hide His face,

Nor His God-like bounty measure

By our merit, but His grace:

As the heaven the earth transcends,

Over us His care extends.

Far as east and west are parted,

He our sins hath sever'd thus;

As a father, loving-hearted,

Spares his son, He spareth us;

For He knows our feeble frame.

He remembers whence we came.

From eternity enduring,

To eternity, the Lord,

Still His people's bliss insuring,

Keeps His covenanted word:

Yea, with truth and righteousness,

Children's children He will bless.

As in heaven, His throne and dwelling,

King on earth He holds His sway;

Angels! ye in strength excelling,

Bless the Lord, His voice obey:

All His works beneath the pole

Bless the Lord, with thee, my soul!

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