The Majesty of God. --Ps. Xcii.

James Montgomery

The Majesty of God. -- Ps. xcii.

The Lord is King: -- upon His throne,

He sits in garments glorious:

Or girds for war His armour on,

In every field victorious:

The world came forth at his command;

Built on His word its pillars stand;

They never can be shaken.

The Lord was King ere time began,

His reign is everlasting:

When high the floods in tumult ran,

Their foam to heaven up-casting,

He made the raging waves His path;

The sea is mighty in its wrath,

But God on high is mightier.

Thy testimonies, Lord, are sure;

Thy realm fears no commotion;

Firm as the earth, whose shores endure

The eternal toil of ocean:

And Thou with perfect peace wilt bless

Thy faithful flock; -- for holiness

Becomes Thine house for ever.

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