Asking, Seeking, Finding. --Matt. vii. 7, 8

James Montgomery

Asking, Seeking, Finding. -- Matt. vii.7, 8.

Ask, and ye shall receive;

On this my hope I build:

I ask forgiveness, and believe

My prayer shall be fulfill'd.

Seek, and expect to find:

Wounded to death in soul,

I seek the Saviour of mankind;

His touch can make me whole.

Knock, and with patience wait,

Faith shall free entrance win:

I stand and knock at mercy's gate;

Lord Jesus! let me in.

How should I ask in vain?

Seek, and not find Thee, Lord?

Knock, and yet no admittance gain?

Is it not in Thy word?

Time, ruin, change, decay,

The lines can never blot,

Though heaven and earth shall pass away,

Thy Word, O God! shall not.

hymn lxvi remembrance and resolution ps
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