Barnabas. --Acts, xi. 22-26.

James Montgomery

Barnabas. -- Acts, xi.22-26.

Of him the sacred record saith,

He was a good man, full of faith,

Who by the Holy Spirit led,

Rejoiced to see the Gospel spread: --

Spread by the Saints where'r they went

From martyrdom to banishment;

The cross through every region bore,

And more oppress'd, prevail'd the more.

From doom'd Jerusalem cast forth,

Eastward and westward, south and north!

On fertile field, and barren clod,

They sow'd the seed, the Word of God.

To heathen Antioch, when they came,

And first received their Master's name,

They gloried in it, and bequeath'd

The inheritance to all that breathed: --

To all that breathed by second birth,

Children of God, though sons of earth,

For "Christians," Christians such shall be

Till time becomes eternity.

Well then might Barnabas rejoice,

And aid the work with heart and voice,

For though by earth and hell assail'd,

The truth grew mighty and prevail'd.

Ye faithful souls, from age to age,

Transmit your heavenly heritage,

Christ's easy yoke with meekness wear,

And bear His cross whose name ye bear: --

That all the living, in that day,

When Heaven and Earth must pass away,

Redeemed from sin, through grace restored,

May be caught up to meet the Lord.

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