Gratitude for Redemption. --Ps. cxvi.

James Montgomery

Gratitude for Redemption. -- Ps. cxvi.

I love the Lord; -- He lent an ear,

When I for help implored;

He rescued me from all my fear,

Therefore I love the Lord.

Bound hand and foot with chains of sin,

Death dragg'd me for his prey;

The pit was moved to take me in,

All hope was far away.

I cried in agony of mind,

"Lord, I beseech Thee, save:"

He held me; -- Death his prey resign'd,

And Mercy shut the grave.

Return, my soul, unto thy rest,

From God no longer roam:

His hand hath bountifally blest,

His goodness call'd thee home.

What shall I render unto Thee,

My Saviour in distress,

For all Thy benefits to me;

So great and numberless?

This will I do, for Thy love's sake,

And thus Thy power proclaim,

Salvation's sacred cup I'll take,

And call upon Thy name.

Thou God of covenanted grace!

Hear and record my vow,

While in Thy courts I seek Thy face,

And at Thine altar bow.

Henceforth myself to Thee I give,

With single, heart and eye,

To walk before Thee while I live,

And bless Thee when I die.

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