Seeking the Lord's Face. --Psalm xxvii.

James Montgomery

Seeking the Lord's Face. -- Psalm xxvii.

One thing, with all my soul's desire,

I sought and will pursue;

What Thine own Spirit doth inspire,

Lord, for Thy servant do.

Grant me within Thy courts a place,

Among Thy saints a seat,

For ever to behold Thy face,

And worship at Thy feet.

In Thy pavilion to abide,

When storms of trouble blow,

And in Thy tabernacle hide,

Secure from every foe.

"Seek ye My face-" without delay,

When thus I hear Thee speak,

My heart would leap for joy, and say,

"Thy face, Lord, will I seek."

Then leave me not, when griefs assail,

And earthly comforts flee,

When father, mother, kindred fail,

My God, remember me.

Oft had I fainted, and resign'd

Of every hope my hold,

But mine affections brought to mind

Thy benefits of old.

Wait on the Lord, with courage wait;

My soul, disdain to fear:

The righteous Judge is at the gate,

And thy redemption near.

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