Waiting on the Lord.

James Montgomery

Waiting on the Lord.

Joyful in Thy House of Prayer,

Shall Thy chosen people be;

God of mercy, meet me there,

While my spirit waits on Thee.

There, with strength renew'd, the saint

As on eagle wings shall fly,

Walk and run, and never faint,

Fight and conquer, -- so would I.

There, with faces Zion-ward,

When transgressors ask the way

To the city of the Lord,

Each shall hear the watchman say: --

To the Cross direct thine eyes,

Thither from destruction flee,

For the gates of paradise

Open stand on Calvary.

"He who bore a sinner thence,

As a trophy of his death,

There will pardon thine offence,

There receive thy latest breath."

There, where my Redeemer died,

Humbly in the dust I fall;

Jesus, and Him crucified,

Now shall be mine all in all.

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