Prayers on Pilgrimage. --"Lord Help Me. " --Matt. xv. 25

James Montgomery

Prayers on Pilgrimage. -- "Lord help me." -- Matt. xv.25.


Blessed be Thy name,

Jesus Christ! -- the same

Yesterday, to-day, for ever,

What from Thee my soul shall sever,

While I hear Thy voice,

And in Thee rejoice?

Guide me with Thine eye;

Warn to fight or fly,

When the foe, a lion raging,

Or, with serpent guile assuaging,

Comes in wrath to tear,

Or by fraud ensnare.

Hold me with Thine hand,

For by faith I stand;

On Thy strength my sole reliance,

In Thy truth my whole affiance;

Then where'er I roam,

I am travelling home.

Lord, Thy word is light;

Led by it aright,

When a pilgrim, like my Fathers,

Life's last shadow round me gathers,

May its brightening ray

Shine to perfect day.

With my latest breath,

Overcoming death,

From the body disencumber'd

With thy Saints in glory number'd,

Jesus, may I be

Found in peace with Thee.

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