Psalm. Cix. 21. ; Micah, vi. 9

James Montgomery

Psalm. cix.21.; Micah, vi.9.

Sweet is Thy mercy, O my God!

When humbled at Thy feet,

I learn the lessons of Thy rod,

Thy mercy, Lord, is sweet.

For Thou dost not in wrath chastise,

But when I go astray,

"Return," a voice behind me cries,

"Walk here; -- this is the way."

Impatient of Thine easy yoke,

If heedless yet I roam,

Some sharp affliction, with a stroke

Of kindness, warns me home.

That godly sorrow then I feel,

Which nothing can control,

Until the hand that wounded, heal,

That bruised me, make me whole.

As, at Thy word, the winds and waves

From ocean-warfare cease;

That word my soul from shipwreck saves,

Thy presence brings me peace.

"Sweet is Thy mercy, O my God!"

'Tis transport to repeat,

When Thou hast thrown aside the rod,

"Thy mercy, Lord, is sweet!"

hymn clxxxvii prayer for humility ps
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