"O Save Me for Thy Mercies' Sake. " --Ps. vi. 4

James Montgomery

"O save me for thy mercies' sake." -- Ps. vi.4.

Mercy alone can meet my case;

For mercy, Lord, I cry; --

Jesus! Redeemer! show thy face

In mercy, or I die.

Save me, for none beside can save;

At thy command I tread,

With failing step, life's stormy wave;

The wave goes o'er my head.

I perish, and my doom were just;

But wilt thou leave me? No:

I hold Thee fast, my hope, my trust,

I will not let Thee go.

Still sure to me Thy promise stands,

And ever must abide;

Behold it written on Thy hands,

And graven in Thy side.

To this, this only, will I cleave,

Thy word is all my plea;

Thy word is truth, and I believe:

Have mercy, Lord, on me.

hymn clxxii in great tribulation
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