Watch and Pray. --Mark. xiv. 38

James Montgomery

Watch and Pray. -- Mark. xiv.38.

Our Saviour's words are "Watch and Pray:"

Lord, make us willing to obey;

Lord, make us able to fulfil

Thy counsel -- give both power and will.

The wisdom from above impart,

To keep our hand, and tongue, and heart,

In thought, word, deed, -- that so we may

Pray whilst we watch, watch while we pray.

Lest while we watch, and fear no snare,

We fall into neglect of prayer;

Or, while we pray, and watch not, sin

Creep like a subtil serpent in.

When by an evil world beset,

Allurements smile, or terrors threat,

Well way we watch our Master's eye,

And pray for faith to fight or fly.

Our strength be His Omnipotence,

His truth our sole and sure defence,

His grace will aid the feeble saint

To watch and pray, and never faint.

For He who hath commanded thus,

Oft watch'd and pray'd on earth for us;

And still with interceding love,

Watches and prays for us above.

hymn clxi the good shepherd
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