Fellow Travellers on Heaven's Highway.

James Montgomery

Fellow Travellers on Heaven's Highway.

Come on, companions of our way,

Who travel to eternal day

Through this poor world of night;

Give to the Lord, in noble songs,

The praise that to His name belongs,

As children of the light.

Call'd out of darkness, by His voice,

Be that clear shining path our choice,

Which Christ our captain trod!

Whether with flowers and fragrance crown'd,

Or thorns and thistle interwound,

It leads the soul to God.

Though pilgrims in a vale of woes,

Thick-strown with snares, and throng'd with foes;

Since Jesus journey'd through,

Plant but your steps where his have prest

The ground once curst, -- that ground now blest

Is heaven's highway for you.

To heaven, to heaven then march we on,

Go where our conquering Lord hath gone!

Thus where He is, shall we

In joy behold Him face to face,

And, changed by glorifying grace,

Resemble Him we see.

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