A Bygone Year.

James Montgomery

A Bygone Year.

"For who is this that engaged his heart to approach unto Me? saith the Lord." -- Jer. xxx.21.

A year, another year is fled;

Its issues who can tell?

Millions of voices of the dead

Reply from heaven or hell.

All these were living at the birth

Of the departed year;

They all have vanish'd from the earth,

We fill their places here.

Though to the eye, the ear, the mind

Of man their speech is seal'd,

The eternal meaning each may find,

In two plain words reveal'd.

Lost spirits, from the dark abyss,

Cry mournfully "Beware!"

Spirits in glory, and in bliss,

Sing joyfully "Prepare!"

Thus timely warned, and moved with fear,

Of wrath, let us beware;

For life or death, in this new year,

For earth and heaven prepare.

Who then of those with us, this day

In childhood, youth, or age,

"To love the Lord our God" can say

"We all our hearts engage."

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