"O Lord! I Beseech Thee, Deliver My Soul. " --Ps. cxvi. 4

James Montgomery

"O Lord! I beseech Thee, deliver my Soul." -- Ps. cxvi.4.

O take away this evil heart;

This heart of unbelief renew;

So prone, so eager to depart

From Thee, the living God and true.

O crucify this carnal mind,

'Tis enmity, my God, to Thee;

I cannot love Thee, till I find

The mind that was in Christ in me.

O sanctify this sinful soul;

Health to the dying leper give;

Thou, if Thou wilt, canst make me whole;

Speak but the word, and I shall live.

O disenthrall this captive will,

(Free only when Thou mak'st it free,)

That I may glory to fulfil

Thy perfect law of liberty.

Then, though through life, a worm of earth,

In death returning to the clod,

I shall become, by second birth,

An heir of heaven, a child of God.

hymn cclxxx heart-searching jeremiah viii 20
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