For a Juvenile Missionary Meeting.

James Montgomery

For a Juvenile Missionary Meeting.




A grain of corn an infant's hand

May plant upon an inch of land,

Whence twenty stalks may spring, and yield

Enough to stock a little field.

The harvest of that field might then

Be multiplied to ten times ten,

Which sown thrice more, would furnish bread

Wherewith an army might be fed.

A penny is a little thing

Which even the poor man's child may fling

Into the treasury of heaven,

And make it worth as much as seven.

As seven! nay, worth its weight in gold,

And that increased a million fold;

For lo! a penny tract, if well

Applied, may save a soul from hell.

That soul can scarce be saved alone, --

It must, it will, its bliss make known;

"Come," it will cry, "and you shall see

What great things God hath done for me."

Hundreds that joyful sound may hear

Hear with the heart as well as ear;

And these to thousands more proclaim,

Salvation in the "Only Name."

That "Only Name," above, below,

Let Jews, and Turks, and Pagans know;

Till every tongue and tribe shall call

On "Jesus Christ" as Lord of all!

The day of small things God will not

Despise, the least are unforgot;

An orphan's offering, widow's mite,

Are precious in their Maker's sight.

Children! who now hosannas raise,

Out of whose mouths He perfects praise,

Spare from the little you possess,

What God will own, accept and bless.

Till through the east, the south, the west,

Gifts from the north will be so blest,

That, in the end, earth's countless throngs

Shall sing with us this song of songs: --

"Worthy the Lamb for sinners slain,

Power, riches, honour to obtain,

Who loved and wash'd us in His blood,

And made us kings and priests to God."

hymn cclvii the spirit accompanying
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