Transcriber's Note:
List of corrections and amendments made:


36: added closing quote after "the event of our inheritance" (line 3)
102: "gentle words ot" to "to"
154: "it" added in "what it is to hear"
263: [Preached on Whitsunday] was a footnote.
286: (R.V.) to (R.V.). for consistency with other references.286: "please to understand" to "do"
287: "we shoud be entitled" to "should"
391: added -- and changed Ephes. to Eph. for consistency with other headings
391: added colon after "Mark its simplicity" (for grammar, and there was a large space in the book)

Peter and John:

8: "ordisaster" to "or disaster"
28: added close quote after "that which is another's" 34: added close quote after "My heavenly Father's Kingdom." 39: "to y" -> "to you" in poetry
66: added -- after "especially to recreation" (for sense, and there was a large space in the book)
86: "Caesarae Philippi" to "Caesarea Philippi"
88: "bow or stubborn" to "bow our stubborn"
99: "dicattes" to "dictates"
107: "ever" to "even" in quotation from 1 Peter ii.21 116: added opening quote before "Any man who"
146: "inadeqate" to "inadequate"
170: "It may be that he he". Duplicate word deleted 173: "Whose righteousness clothes" to "whose"
210: added open quote before sea of glass (by reference to Rev 15:2)
219: "slave has no resource" -> "recourse"
219: added opening quote before "Take that man's child" 242: added closing quote after "like Lebanon."
260: added closing quote after "all sin."
297: added closing quote after "My Father;"
308: added closing quote after "at His coming"
313: corrected 1 John iv.9 to 1 John i.9 (the verse being quoted)

the ray and the reflection
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