The Faithful Promiser
The Faithful Promiser
John Ross Macduff

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Title Page

The Faithful Promiser.

1ST DAY OF MONTH. Pardoning Grace.

2D DAY. Needful Grace.

3D DAY. All-Sufficient Grace.

4TH DAY. Comforting Grace.

5TH DAY. Restraining Grace.

6TH DAY. Restoring Grace.

7TH DAY. Sanctifying Grace.

8TH DAY. Reviving Grace.

9TH DAY. Persevering Grace.

10TH DAY. Dying Grace.

11TH DAY. After Grace, Glory.

12TH DAY. Another Comforter.

13TH DAY. Providential Overruling.

14TH DAY. Safe Walking.

15TH DAY. Love in Chastisement.

16TH DAY. A Condition in Chastisement.

17TH DAY. Strength in the Weak.

18TH DAY. Encouragement to the Desponding.

19TH DAY. Peace in Believing.

20TH DAY. Bliss in Dying.

21ST DAY. A Due Reaping.

22D DAY. An End of Weeping.

23D DAY. A Speedy Coming.

24TH DAY. Eventide Light.

25TH DAY. Heavenly Illumination.

26TH DAY. A Glorious Reunion.

27TH DAY. Everlasting Espousals.

28TH DAY. A Joyful Resurrection.

29TH DAY. A Nightless Heaven.

30TH DAY. A Crown of Life.

31ST DAY. The Vision and Fruition of God.


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The Faithful Promiser
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