God's Answers
God's Answers
Clara M. S. Lowe

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CHAPTER I. 1861-1869. Prayer of Hon. and Rev. Baptist Noel--Residence in Cambridgeshire-- Visit to London in 1861

CHAPTER II. 1869-1870. Emigration of families--A visitor's impressions--The great life-work --Emigration of the young, begun 1870--First party of boys to Canada with Miss Macpherson and Miss Bilbrough--Their reception--Mr. Merry takes second party of boys--Miss Macpherson returns to England and takes out a party of girls--Canadian welcome and happy homes-- Canadian pastor's story.

CHAPTER III. 1870-1871. Workers' meetings at home of industry--Training home at Hampton opened--Personal experiences--Welcome in Western Canada--Help for a Glasgow home--Scottish ferryman--"Out of the mouths of babes and sucklings."

CHAPTER IV. 1872. The need of a Home further West--Burning of the Marchmont Home--Home restored by Canadian gifts--Miss Macpherson and Miss Reavell arrive in Canada--First visit to Knowlton in the East--Belleville Home restored by Canadian friends--Help for the Galt Home--Miss Macpherson returns to England--Miss Reavell remains at Galt.

CHAPTER V. 1872-1874. Letter from Rev. A. M. W. Christopher--Letter from Gulf of St. Lawrence-Mrs. Birt's Sheltering Home, Liverpool--Letter to Mrs. Merry--Letter from Canada--Miss Macpherson's return to England-- Letter of cheer for Dr. Barnardo--Removal to Hackney Home.

CHAPTER VI. 1875-1877. Mrs. Way's sewing--class for Jewesses--Bible Flower Mission--George Clarice--Incidents in home work--The Lord's Day--Diary at sea-- Letters of cheer from Canada.

CHAPTER VII 1877-1879. "They helped every one his neighbour"--Miss Child, a fellow-labourer --The work in Ratcliff Highway--Strangers' Rest for Sailors--"Welcome Home"--"Bridge of Hope"--Miss Macpherson's twenty-first voyage to Canada--Explosion on board the "Sardinian"--Child life in the Galt Home--The Galt Home now devoted to children from London, Knowlton to those from Liverpool, and Marchmont to Scottish Emigrants.

CHAPTER VIII. 1879-1880. Experiences among Indians--Picnic in the Bush--Distribution of Testaments--"Till He come"--"A Home and a hearty Welcome."

CHAPTER IX. Questions and Answers--Sorrowful Cases--Testimonies from those who have visited Canada--Stewardship.

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