On the Workmanship of God
On the Workmanship of God

translated by the rev. william fletcher, d.d.
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Chap. I.--The Introduction, and Exhortation to Demetrianus.

Chap. II.--Of the Production of the Beasts and of Man.

Chap. III.--Of the Condition of the Beasts and Man.

Chap. IV.--Of the Weakness of Man.

Chap. V.--Of the Figures and Limbs of Animals.

Chap. VI.--Of the Error of Epicurus, and of the Limbs and Their Use.

Chap. VII.--Of All the Parts of the Body.

Chap. VIII.--Of the Parts of Man: the Eyes and Ears.

Chap. IX.--Of the Senses and Their Power.

Chap. X.--Of the Outer Limbs of Man, and Their Use.

Chap. XI.--Of the Intestines in Man, and Their Use.

Chap. XII.--De Utero, Et Conceptione Atque Sexibus.

Chap. XIII.--Of the Lower Members.

Chap. XIV.--Of the Unknown Purpose of Some of the Intestines.

Chap. XV.--Of the Voice.

Chap. XVI.--Of the Mind and Its Seat.

Chap. XVII.--Of the Soul, and the Opinion of Philosophers Concerning It.

Chap. XVIII.--Of the Soul and the Mind, and Their Affections.

Chap. XIX.--Of the Soul, and It Given by God.

Chap. XX.--Of Himself and the Truth.

General Note by the American Editor.

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On the Workmanship of God
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